5 Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

Studying habitsStudying habits

Being a student is not easy. Aside from attending your classes, making projects, and listening to your teachers, the most critical part is studying every material you encounter in class. You might think that you are too lazy for this but you got it all wrong! You just need to make studying habit make it easier for you!

So, instead of studying only when an exam week comes, you can do it every day like it’s nothing. This way, you can be confident to any surprise quiz as you have already equipped yourself with the recent lessons.

However, have you already think of the ways that can help make studying more effective for you?

Whether you are tired of other school works or having troubles in finding time to study, we have compiled 5 tips to improve your study habits! You can check them out below.

  1. Determine Your Learning Style

Teachers are equipped with a lot of teaching styles in order to effectively teach a lesson. The same way that you have to equip yourself with a learning style that works best for you. Every student has a unique preference for how they can best understand things. There are actually four types of learning styles that you can use. We have listed them together with their examples to help you determine the best method for you.

Visual learners are students who can better understand things when they are seen. The best examples for these are the written notes, videos, and everything that needs to be visualized.

The use of a cellphone is essential for visual learners as this is where most visualized materials are accessed. You should purchase the best phone holder, in order to place your phone anywhere you want for a clearer result of what you are watching.

Auditory learners, on the other hand, are students who can learn best when they listen to things being discussed. The best examples for this are audios that contain the speech of the lessons or any sounds that will help them understand everything effectively.

Reading learners or writing learners are students who can learn best if they read or write the materials of the lesson. The best examples for this are reading the lessons all over again or rewriting them to understand better.

Kinesthetic learners are students who can learn best when they are moving or doing something. The best examples for this are the activities given in schools such as role-playing, drawing, or anything that can involve movement.

You just have to experiment which of these learning styles would help you have an easy and effective study. Remember to choose the learning style that can give you a lot of benefits of making your studies an everyday habit.

  1. Take Notes

It is important that you take notes in school. What your teacher is teaching you is the same lessons that will come out during the exam. So, to equip yourself with everything, you also have to give an all-in effort of recording them on your notebooks.

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/writing-notes-idea-class-7103/

This way, you can review lessons or materials that are discussed at the very start of the semester. It has been believed that this technique is for retention of the information. You can organize them in a way that can help you remember them in sequence.

  1. Brainstorm With Your Classmates

Socialization is important when you go to college. Teamwork makes the dream work or so they say. This will help you create a group where you can all study together and share materials or lessons discussed in your class. In this way, you can be confident that you are not missing anything that might come out during the exam.


Additionally, it is by sharing that you learn more in case you’re confused with something and vice versa. So, brainstorming with your classmates guarantee you to get the needed information from the most basic to complex lessons you have to study.

  1. Manage Your Time Wisely

Time management is the most difficult thing a student can do. With a lot of tasks a student should complete, studying is given less focus and time. However, with the right use of your time, you should help yourself remove all the distractions that have nothing to do with your studies.


For example, if you have free time, instead of checking your social media accounts, it would be best to give your focus on reading your notes. Some distractions involved TV and other noise, that will distract you easily from what you are doing. Your interest must be triggered by giving focus to what you are currently reading, writing, or listening. You can use a study area so as not to lose focus too.

There is also a guide by us on how to manage social media platforms effectively.

  1. Apply Lessons to Real Life Experiences

The best lessons in life are believed to be the ones that you have experienced first hand. So, it is important that you apply your school lessons to real life experiences. This way, you can easily remember them since situational events are like your lessons that need to be practiced in order to analyze perfectly.


Now that you have already know the tips which are the keys to help you make study a habit, you can be very confident to avoid stress and make your studies as a clever move of consistent academic goals that you wish to achieve!

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