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Case method is a way to solve complex problems that do not have an obvious and unambiguous solution. Such a technology helps to operate in situations where there are no ready-made instructions and it is necessary to make decisions at its own discretion. The case method today is often used as a way of solving complex work issues as well as learning technology.

The essence of case technology lies in the study of a specific problem situation and the search for an optimal solution.

Students often experience problems with writing case studies, and the following tips aim to make this assignment easier for everyone.

Case study should contain:

  • Headline: It is important that the title reflects the essence of the case and gives an idea in advance of the situation, which will be discussed further.
  • Description of the situation: It is like a “given” section in problems in physics. To make the information easier to perceive, the situation can be broken down into points.
  • The process of looking for Decisions: Detailed description, analysis of ways to solve the case and the choice of the optimal way out of the situation. Here it is necessary to consider all possible options with an indication of the expected consequences.
  • Description of the Result: This clause describes the result of the problem-solving actions. What did we have in the very beginning, what do we have in the end and why?

Writing a Business Case

When writing a business case from scratch, you can use this simple example to understand the logic of the whole thing. Of course, real-life case studies are mostly much more voluminous, but this example can help you focus on the main points of your work.

  • Given: You a specialist in digital marketing. Customers who tailor evening dresses asked you to help them deal with their subscriptions in the Instagram account. At the time of launch, the channel had 400 subscribers. The client has set the task of increasing the number of subscribers to 1000-1500 per month. Naturally, this should have been targeted subscribers, interested in customer service.
  • Solution: a plan of events for the month was drawn up, which included the daily publication of posts, the development and use of a hashtag system, holding a minimum of two contests among subscribers.
  • The result: for the month the number of subscribers increased to 1200. You can also report significantly increased user activity – the number of likes and comments. According to the client, in a month from Instagram, he received orders for sewing dresses for bridesmaids (8 dresses) and a few single orders that fully paid for his account maintenance expenses.

When you address a high-quality case study writing service, you can get case studies written from scratch by expert writers who will create a detailed and well-thought-out masterpiece.

Case Studies at a Job Interview

Recently, business cases at job interviews became increasingly popular. We would like you to know more about it to be ready for anything. A business case is a real situation in the life of a certain company that needs to be analyzed in order to offer its own effective and preferably original way to improve the situation. Moreover, recruiters will expect you to penetrate into the very essence of the problem and find the right way as quickly and confidently as possible.

You can’t prepare to solve cases in one day, so you better start right away. We advise you to start training at least three months in advance: spend a week or two studying the theory, searching and reading books, spending another couple of weeks for trial interviews, and then for a month or two, go for training like interviews with companies that you are less interested in.

You are not supposed even to solve the case, remember about it, you need to show the way you approach solving cases. You should stay calm and provide your audience with reasonable solutions. Yale School of Management has put up 40 most popular case studies on their website.

When solving a case study at a job interview try to show respect to the company’s traditions and knowledge of their history. Use their own cases as examples, and you will definitely attract positive attention.

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Writing a professional case study from scratch is a complicated task, and it is better to address case study experts for assistance if you feel overwhelmed with this assignment.

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