Top 10 Best Educational Apps for Android

Best Educational Apps for AndroidBest Educational Apps for Android

Check out the top 10 best educational apps for Android Phones and tablets.

We are moving towards the Modern Era, where all the old school techniques are becoming obsolete; whether its education or profession, ways, and procedures are quite improved we can say. Student’s nowadays also taking interest in the Internet, gadgets and all and Android smartphones have become common man devices all the time.

Kids have found their love with a smartphone but why not put children affection to smartphone by introducing them to Educational Apps. Here we have gone through the top Best ‘Educational Apps for Android‘.

Best Educational Apps for Android

So, here we have 10 best Android educational apps which assist students in their education purpose and improve their young minds and enhance their knowledge.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the most soughted educational app for Android. It’s very easy to use. Students and teachers interact with each other inside and outside the classroom for the various things like distribution of assignments, enhance communication and updates. It is secure to use, save times of students and teachers and affordable too.

Google Classroom runs as a nonprofit organization by the google for the schools and teachers can share a code withier class and they can easily join the link.

Download Google Classroom for Android

ClassDojo App for Android

This app offers a single place for the parents, students, teachers for the interactions, communication and intervention. Parents can get the whole record of the children as well as track the progress made by their children throughout their academic sessions.

Teachers can also improve their behavior by the constant feedback and interaction with the parents and the students. This app is very supportive in the better education which kids want for their brighter future.

Download ClassDojo for Android

Amazon Kindle App for Android

E-learning is gradually increasing, and people started loving reading again because of the e-readers. Amazon Kindle is the most downloaded Educational app on Android where you can find more than 1.5 million books on your fingertips that too on the nominal rates which are very less from the actual books.

Amazon Kindle provides the use of built-in dictionary by which you can look up some particularly difficult words instantly during reading in Google and Wikipedia.

It also offers sample books reading facility and sync option by which you can synchronize your book in your android phone to read it again. Top magazines, newspapers are also available with high-quality resolution.

Download Amazon Kindle for Android

Write My Essay Online

It is one of the leading and emerging platforms for the people who feel a little difficulty while writing. assist students as well as the professional too in their academic writing. In 9 years, it helped hundreds of students in their academics with overall satisfaction.

It provides benefits such as choice of writer, management of writing process, correction window, updates, and payment after the order complete, affordable rates and feedback for the writer. The best part is, it gives complete communication between the writer and the customers which no other site grants.

Cram Flashcards flashcards is the value of downloading app. It is a study application which allows you to prepare flashcards on any subject. This app is absolutely free and very simple and convenient to use, no hassles at lot. You can access 75 million flashcards and sync with account.

It works offline as well as online and gives two study modes, first one is Card Mode, other one is Memorize Mode with edit option inside. This is a good app for study.


It is the language learning app where you can learn more than 50 language includes English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and more and suitable for all people whether they are young or they are old. It is free of cost app and you can easily download it from Play Store.

Learning new language is always fun, and with this app you can develop your vocabulary. It has so many fun games which improve your grammar. By this app, you also learn the accurate way to pronounce the words.

Youtube Kids

Youtube kids are the quite similar with to the original youtube app. The main difference is, it is particularly made for the kids, where kids can find educational videos, cartoons and other kinds of videos which are specially made for the kids by which can enjoy and learn at the same time.

You can block the inappropriate videos that you don’t want you child would find. Other functions are such as search control, a timer to put a time limit. You can also create Google Account for your kid under the age of 13. This is the secure version of Youtube where your kid can learn safely.

DragonBox Algebra Series

This app is especially designed for the students of the age 12 to 17 to learn basic fundamentals of mathematics. Through this app they can improve their grades and enhance their confidence in mathematics.

This is the paid application with dedicated graphics and music, multiple language support, 20 chapters and 375 puzzles. This app has received so many awards.


NASA App provides enormous data about the space, missiles, latest news and stories to students who have keen interest in the space and astronautics field and eager to know the events, quality information then this is the right app for them. Students can learn a lot for here and improve their scientific knowledge.

Students can watch Live NASA TV, enjoy over 16000 images, 14000 videos, satellite tracking in 2D and 3D model, high definition video streaming and latest news and tweets.

Download NASA Android App from here

Pocket Code

Pocket code is the app by which you can create your own apps. This app facilitates the option to edit, execute, share and remix Catrobat programs.

This app is suitable for the computer science students who use coding to develop new games and apps. It is a non-profit project creating a platform. Rather than reading theoretical notes, a combination of visual and audio effects provides more knowledge to the students.

Download Pocket Code for Android

So, those were some of the best educational apps for Android. Do let us know as a student which of these apps you have used or using right now.

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Check out the top 10 best educational apps for Android Phones and tablets.
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