A chinese proverb says “Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.” 20+ kissing proverbs are here. Kissing scene isn’t any surprise for people in Bollywood as it has become routine stuff. Bollywood actress too doesn’t hassle anymore to kissing scenes. So just for excitement we have the list of most Kissable Bollywood Actress here and we got atleast 10 Indian actress in the list here.

Most Kissable Bollywood Actress

We have arranged actress in the list of top 1 to top 10, with #1 being the most India desirable woman for kissing. Here are they –

1Mallika Sherawat

With bold onscreen attitude, she was the first Bollywood’s actress to be classified as sex symbol. Her acting in the movies was critically acclaimed and still at 39, she maintains her bold statement and with those lovely lips she is the most kissable Bollywood Actress in opinion of many.How many marks for Mallika? Is she too old?

Who is the Kissable Bollywood Actress?

Sunny Leone
Mallika Sherawat
Katrina Kaif
Priyanka Chopra
None of the Above
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