Miss America 2023 Date, Venue, Pageants Contestants

Miss America 2019 date, winner, venue imagesMiss America 2019 date, winner, venue images

Miss America 2023 date, winner, contestants/participants, Miss America 2023 images, photos, news.

Miss America is an annually held event to Crown the most beautiful women in the United States of America. It will be the 92nd Miss America pageant organized by Miss America organization. Miss America 2023 event will be held at Atlantic City, New Jersey on 9th September 2018.

What is Miss America 2023?

Miss America is an American beauty pageant that is an annually held event for the crown of the most beautiful women of the year in the US(United States of America).

The race for the most beautiful and the participating pageants has been started and we already have a couple of beauties from different states like Callie Walker the Miss Alabama 2018 winner.

This competition is open for girls who are between the age of 17 to 25 years.

Miss America 2023 Date

When is miss America 2023

If you are wondering when is Miss America this year? Then you will be glad to know that the Miss USA 2019 date has been finalized. It’s on

9th September 2022

Don’t miss that date! Better add it to your iPhone Calendar or Google Calendar.

Miss America 2023 Venue

Every year the contest is been held at different venues around the USA. The venue for Miss America 2018 is finalized as Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Miss America 2023 Contestants

Here is the list of Miss America 2023 participants/finalists:

State Miss America Contestants Names
Miss Alabama  Callie Walker
Miss Alaska Winner  Courtney Schuman
Miss Arkansas  Claudia Raffo
Miss Colorado  Ellergy Jones
Miss Connecticut  Bridget Oei
Miss Delaware  Joanna Wicks
Miss Columbia 2019  Allison Farris
Miss Georgia 2018  Annie Jorgensen
Miss Hawaii 2018  Penelope Ng Pack
Miss Idaho  Nina Forest
Miss Illinois  Grace Khachaturian
Miss Indiana  Lydia Tremaine
Miss Iowa  Mikhayla Hughes Shaw
Miss Kansas  Hannah Klaassen
Miss Michigan  Emily Sioma
Miss Minnesota  Michaelene Karlen
Miss Missouri  Katelyn Lewis
Miss Montana  Laura Haller
Miss Nebraska  Jessica Shultis
Miss New Hampshire  Marisa Moorhouse
Miss New Jersey  Jaime Gialloreto
Miss Mexico  Ashley Fresquez
Miss North Dakota  Katie Olson
Miss South Dakota  Carrie Wintle
Miss Ohio  Matti-Lynn Chrisman
Miss Oklahoma  Ashley Thomson
Miss Rhode Islan  Alexandra Coppa
Miss Utah 2018 Winner  Jesse Craig
Miss Vermont  Julia Crane
Miss Virginia
Miss Wisconsin  Tianna Vanderhei
Miss Wyoming 2018
Miss Virginia 2018 winner
Miss Tennessee 2018
Miss Pennsylvania 2018 winner
Miss North Carolina 2018
Miss Mississippi winner 2018
Miss Maryland 2018
Miss Maine 2018
Miss Louisiana 2018
Miss California 2018 winner
Miss Florida 2018 winner
Miss Kentucky 2018 winner
Miss Oregon 2018 winner
Miss New York 2018 winner
Miss Nevada 2018


All the Miss America 2023 participants will be finalized by July 1st at last when the Miss Nevada 2018 is been held along with 8 such winners to be crowned on June 30th, 2018.

Current Miss America

So, who will win the Miss America pageant? Who will be the runner up? Whom will we see as the successor to Cara Mund, the former Miss America 2023 winner?

So that was all about Miss America 2023 winner, contestants/participants, Miss America 2019 images, photos, news.

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