Promoting Your Brand at a Public Event – All That You Need to Know

brand promotions at eventsbrand promotions at events

Whether your business is new or seasoned after many years of operation, advertisement and promotion remain an important pillar just like customers, employees, and set procedures. Marketers are tasked to come up with strategies that are suitable to take the business to the next level. When it comes to promotion, the department can target strategies that are trending, effective, and less costly.

Promoting a brand in a public event like a conference, sports event, trade fair, or any other is a great plan, but it can only work if one knows the smart ways to do it.

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Research to Understand the Event

If you are targeting a certain event, ensure that you gather as much information about it as possible. This helps you to understand who the attendees will be, the theme of the event, and most importantly, what they would expect if you were to give promotional products.

Meeting their expectations will make the promotional products more useful to them and this increases the chances of marketing your brand even after the event.

Plan Well

One thing that most entrepreneurs are oblivious about is that promoting a brand in an event is an opportunity to expose a brand to hundreds of people who should also expose it to others. It is a potential that deserves a high level of planning.

After collecting the information, plan on how the promotional products will be designed, printed, and distributed. A written plan is better because it will also have a checklist to be used before, during and after the event to make sure that everything goes as planned everything from a pen, pencil to the printer supplies.

Work All of the Logistics Well

Some entrepreneurs plan such events while others just sponsor events that are planned by other organizations. However, it does not matter because both have logistics put in place. Sponsored events are a bit complicated because other companies are also involved as well. Thus, agreements should be made and your promotional products should be in line with these. Meet such agreements with care to avoid conflicts that might lead to the disqualification of your absence.

When you are the one planning the event, there will be a lot of logistics processes involved, but you can be assured that they are straightforward.

Design Superior Promotional Products

The first thing is to know the products that you will use for this event. They could be custom drawstring bags, badges, pins, umbrellas, or pens, among other things. Make sure that the designer in collaboration with your marketing department comes up with a striking design that will compel users to love and use this product even after the event is over.

Products like bags should not only be of high quality but also very useful so that people will continue to use them even after the event. An article on has very well explained how would a promotional product be effective at helping you market your product?

Market the Event on Social Media

From the research that you did earlier, you must be having a lot of information about the event. It is time to advertise it on your social media pages so that as many people as intended will attend. Let them know that there will be giveaways that they can take home.

If you are not the main organizer, collaborate with the main planners to see how your brand will be mentioned on social media platforms they are promoting the event on. It should be clear to the attendees that you are an important part of the event. This way, the promotional products will land in hands that are already familiar with it.

Set Up Early

On the day of the event, you must set everything up early before the first attendee arrives. If you plan to reach out to every person, then you know how crucial this is. If you are supposed to have a stand at the entrance or exit, grab the position with maximum potential to fulfill your promotional goals. Ensure that your employees are ready with all the information like who they should give the promotional merchandise to and how to go about the whole task.

Exposing the brand is Important

Ultimately, the team doing the promotion should expose the brand through the merchandising products as much as possible. If they have to walk around giving the products to the attendee instead of waiting at the booth, then let them know. If you have to set up many booths at strategic locations, then ensure that this is planned and set up early. Most importantly, make sure that you do not run out of merchandising products while there are many people who still need them.

Final Word

It is evident that promoting your brand in a public event is not as easy as many people think. There are numerous logistics to be put in place and a lot of work to be done. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your project will work well and have great results.

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