Toner Thoughts – Why Your Business Should Recycle Old Printer Supplies

Recycle Old Print SuppliesRecycle Old Print Supplies

The modern office has evolved to the point that businesses can navigate their way around paying ridiculous amounts for products. The internet has driven most of what makes running a business cost-effectively, but many businesses have missed out on a glaring opportunity to save money because they are unaware of the many opportunities to save. Recycling, for one, is one place where businesses can save over a long time, but many ignore it because they find it to be too time-consuming or expensive.

This holds true for recycling old printer supplies too. Each year, tons of empty toner cartridges contribute to our landfills, but yet, people find it easier to simply discard their cartridges instead of recycling them. The reasons for old printer supplies recycle are many, but the main reason is the cost to recycle is so much cheaper than having to clean up toxic waste that seeps into the ground and then the water we use every day.

Keep reading to learn why businesses should recycle old printer supplies and take steps towards a greener future.

Recycling Programs

Many of today’s technology companies have stepped up to the plate to contribute to the sustainability of our planetIn addition to offering products that print more efficiently, these companies have programs that will allow you to recycle printer cartridges. Canon, HP, Epson, and Brother all have programs that will allow you to return used cartridges, some making the process of recycling very simple.

Some retailers have also created programs that will allow you to recycle old cartridges for some of the products they stock. Finally, there are numerous programs online that can assist you with both purchasing and recycling old printer products. Simply put, in a day and age where recycling has become the norm, it is just too easy to recycle, so why not do your part?


Close to 350 million cartridges are thrown away worldwide. Even worse, for one cartridge to decompose, it will take close to 1,000 years, but in the meantime, aluminum, oil, and other materials leach into the soil and then our water for a millennia before disappearing.

In the long run, while it seems like a small matter, the plastic cartridge, in addition to the leftover ink which contains a lot of chemicals, destroy the soil leaving it unproductive for long past our existence. In essence, the legacy that we leave for future generations is a planet struggling to sustain itself.

Buyback Programs And A Tax Write-Off

In addition to the numerous recycling programs, there are also buyback programs that will allow you to return your outdated printers so they can be refurbished as recycled printers. A number of charity programs encourage businesses to donate their printers for recycling programs, for example, the StRut program refurbishes old printers so that can be used in IT education programs for students.

Dell Reconnect and eBay are giving Works are also organizations that participate in recycling printers for use in other places. Look it at this way, your company can help someone while benefiting from the tax write-off that you get from making your donation.

Recycling Incentives

In many cases, recycling programs will provide businesses and consumers with incentives for recycling ink. One of the more popular online recycling programs, eCycle Group, will actually pay you to recycle ink and pay you at the end of the month based on the amount sent in. If you are a large business, you could end up earning simply by recycling.

Why Not Recycle?

The only thing that is expended when recycling is the time and energy it takes to commit to a program. In many ways, you might find that recycling can, over time, save your business a lot of money.

Ultimately, though, you do the Earth good by contributing to its sustainability and a better planet for future generations to enjoy.

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