5 Best Tips on How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets

Remove pet hair from carpetsRemove pet hair from carpets

Pet hair can be very frustrating especially when it finds its way into your furniture, upholstery, couches, clothing and worst of all carpeting. It is very evident that if you own a pet with fur, the fur is going to get into one of your most delicate housing attire: your carpet. What makes it delicate is that it is prone to be reached by pets very quickly and be very tricky to remove.

This, however, does not mean that you start avoiding pets completely. Some of us can not do so as pets are a big part of our lives if not our companions and best friends. Having cuddly pets around your home can help relieve you off stress after a long day of grinding and hustling. Besides, pets offer protection against intruders, including rodents that eat our food and cause diseases. That is why getting rid of them ultimately will not be a prudent idea. Only find a way to remove the unwanted hair instead!

Despite this being the most effective solution, getting rid of pet hair has proven to be a cumbersome task for most of us. We end up getting frustrated trying to clean this ‘mess’ up using the wrong methods and techniques to no avail. On site like this, you can find different types of vacuums for pet hair but below are the quickest and easiest ways to deal with and get rid of pet hairs:

1) Use moisture

This is one of the easiest, surest and most reliable way of getting rid of hair from carpets. This method works in such a way that the hair becomes more burdensome upon getting wet due to contact with water. The resultant effect is that the pet hair becomes unable to stick and get attached to your carpet anymore. This is in response to static electricity hence removing it becomes an effortless task. Moisture is commonly used when it comes to removing pet hair from fabrics. There are different ways in which one can use this method to remove hair from carpets some of which include:

a. Use a clean kitchen sponge mop.


  • Vacuum
  • Water and spray bottle
  • Kitchen sponge mop only used for pet hair to avoid transferring soil to the carpet

Steps involved.

  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpet.
  • Spray the sponge mop lightly with water.
  • Move the mop across the carpet in a gentle manner where the hair is at.
  • If you do not have a mop, a dump cloth attached to a regular broom will do.
  • The pet hair will automatically clamp and can then be vacuumed away or picked by hand.

b. Use your hand

Another application of the moisture technique is by using your hand to do the work for you.


-A bowl of water

Steps –

  • Soak the palm of your hand in the bowl of water.
  • Wipe the hair off from the carpet in a downward motion.
  • The hair will ‘magically’ ball up and get attached to your damp hand.

This method is useful when used on low-pile carpeting. Other techniques have to be therefore applied to ensure that a variety of carpet types are free of pet hair.

2.) Use of a Vacuum cleaner and a Fabric softener

A vacuum cleaner does an excellent job in cleaning hair off your carpet. This is because it automatically sucks in excess pet hair through its suction pump leaving your carpet clean and spotless. Nevertheless, you may incorporate the use of a vacuum cleaner to no avail as pet hair may remain in your carpet. This is where the fabric softener comes in.


  • Vacuum
  • Liquid fabric softener
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

Steps involved.

  1. Mix one part of fabric softener with three parts of water in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the floor lightly with the solution so as not saturate the carpet.
  3. Give the carpet time to dry.
  4. The fabric softener will loosen up the pet hair making it easier to scrap off.
  5. Do not forget to vacuum the floor regularly.

3.) Use rubber gloves

Another great way to clean pet hair off carpets is to use wet rubber or latex gloves for this purpose. Rubbing the gloves over the surface of the fabric will automatically brush off the pet hairs.

This works in such a way that they create static electricity that helps remove these hairs besides the textured palm surface of the gloves working a treat to remove the hairs. Dampening the rubber section of the glove will increase its effectiveness in removing the hair off the carpet.

4.) Use rubber

The application of rubber in cleaning hair off couches, fabrics, trousers, and carpets has proven to be some of the most commonly used and effective ways of getting rid of pet hairs. It works! The static bristle charges make the hair jump onto the brush and stick onto it making it easier to remove.

Some of the most commonly used rubber appliances for these purposes are:

  • Using a rubber broom.
  • Inflating and rolling the balloon across the surface of the carpet will help remove the hair fast.
  • Some people even go to the extent of using rubber soles which works.

These can be even termed as DIY methods of controlling hair.

5.) Use Lint Rollers

Lint Rollers are by far the most effective ways of dealing with dog, cat, rabbit fur or any other pet related fur issues you may be experiencing. A lint roller is a single roll of adhesive paper on a plastic or cardboard barrel that is placed on a central spindle with a handle attached to it.

Lint rollers and Velcro curlers have as much pick-up power and can perform the task equally well. To save on costs, DIY Lint rollers will not have as much pick-up power but will do just fine.


As much as these methods of removing pet fur from carpets prove efficient and effective, avoiding circumstances that will lead to pets fur on your carpets will help a lot. Prevention is the best cure!

Some of the tactics you can use are vacuuming carpets regularly, wash the rugs and linens frequently, applying antistatic spray and covering the area up.

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