5 Best RSS News Aggregator for Mac

Best RSS News Aggregator for MacBest RSS News Aggregator for Mac

RSS feed reader is an awesome idea to be updated with a variety of information sources such as news, discussions, and blogs. RSS feed aggregator works by subscription off channels for automatic update and offers you the opportunity of browsing the news of your choice.

Best RSS News Aggregator for Mac

Here is the list of top 5 Best RSS News Aggregator for Mac

Vienna 3

Vienna 3 is currently the best RSS News Aggregator for Mac. It’s a simple and functionally smart RSS feeder that handles groups, folders, and affiliated browser. One thing to be disappointed about this RSS aggregator is that labels cannot be created with customization. Groups of subscriptions can be made and they are read in custom folders; offering you the facility of reading headlines and blogs, Vienna works in an extensive manner.

Another thing to know about this RSS feeder is that user can flag items for later reference. Fantastic plug-ins are also there with the help of which you can extend capabilities of Vienna. Organization and reading feeds are simplified with this easy to use RSS feeder.

Newslife 1.2

This extensive RSS aggregator offers a simple and good way for reading updates through RSS feeds. Newslife maintains smart folders, offers easy to use functioning and better keyboard navigation. This extensively designed keyboard with the RSS feeder is helpful for navigation simply.

A ‘news bin’ is there where you can store articles; also, the program uses smart folders and labels for an organization of individual feeds. You can email, bookmark and blog articles with Newslife.

RSS Menu

RSS Menu is another important RSS Feeder to turn Mac OS X menu bar into a powerful RSS feed aggregator. In this way, the RSS aggregator starts displaying headlines as well as complete stories to offer you group feeds services. Also it works for integration of iTunes and Safari, both.

The main feature of the program is that it notifies you about RSS feeds through the OS X menu bar; apart from this work by customization of sub menus to organize group feeds. Just a click on headlines opens the full article for you to read.

Download RSS Menu from App Store


This flexible and competent RSS feed reader is good for the reason it combines the elegance of Mac with smart features in order to display news updates in an efficient manner. As this tool creates smart folders, reading news in NetNewsWire is really a joy. This RSS feeder can collect news automatically and provide fast spotlight search facility to users. Also, one can sync read items and subscriptions with Google reader.


Squeet is an excellent RSS aggregator that delivers RSS and Atom News feeds through email. One thing to be noticed about this feeder is that items can be sent differently. It is possible to pause delivery of individual feeds. Also halting of items’ delivery is possible. This tool also offers manual feeding of updates.

Subscriptions are imported by Squeet; it offers shortcuts for stock symbols and news. Sending feeds to mail, their integration and comfortable subscription are some special features to know about Squeet.

This is all about the best RSS aggregators for Mac. So, are you ready to pick one of them for keeping your knowledge update?

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