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Best Pay Per Install Ad NetworksBest Pay Per Install Ad Networks

Do you like to try new software every day? How about getting paid for installing new software? Yes, the Pay Per Install network exactly does the same and here we have listed the best Pay Per Install Ad networks in 2024 list.

Best Pay Per Install Ad Networks

Basically, the PPI Ad Network pays you to install software on your computer or mobile operating system. This is one of the easiest marketing strategies for software developers. Hence, they reach out to the PPI network and sign up.

For bloggers and webmasters, there are many methods by which they can generate income from their sites. Availability of many programs and ad networks have turned their sites into revenue-making stream. Using Pay Per Install ad networks, publishers get paid for each install.

The PPI ad networks have a robust affiliate program where they reward people for installing software or even opt for software installation. However, most of the users end up installing spyware or malware on their computer systems.

There have been instances where users have lost their search experience as they were hijacked. While many of the PPI networks are spammers, there are still some of them that offer legitimate money to the users. Mentioned below are a few of the best Pay Per Install ad networks.

Installetize – Best PPI Network

Installetize is a reputed and high-paying PPI network for download websites. Unlike other networks, which promise you $2 per install and pay you $0.20, or several others who provide you “fixed” rates but cut your leads to half, we are a well-paying network with a high conversion rate.


AMonetize is one of the top Pay-per-stall ad networks or systems available online. This PPI is best known for its enormous payouts in US and international companies. While the average payout amount is unknown, they pay somewhere between ten cents to two dollars per installation.

Amonetize does not encourage pornography and gambling. Each of the users is given an account manager who can be contacted for help and support.


RevenYou is a PPI system that pays users for free installations. RevenYou helps to monetize software using the smart installer. The PPI system has disbursed high payouts in more than 200 countries. RevenYou also has a dedicated account manager to provide support 24 hours.

The PPI system also claims that they do not require users to have any coding to use RevenYou.


OneInstaller is ideally designed for those users who have the experience of downloading spyware, malware, etc. while downloading software.

Oneinstaller officially reviews all the downloaders and ensures that users download legitimate software. OneInstaller network is aimed to provide quality distribution of apps and add-ons.


Started in 2010, Solimba is one of those companies that place a large emphasis on technologies that can effectively do the tracking and performance of pay-per-install campaigns. Solimba is an excellent PPI tool that can be used by anyone, from beginner to expert.

An interesting note about Solimba is that the PPI network can also detect the software and installations in the user’s computer and provide alternates for the infected installation.


PayPerInstall network is meant for only expert affiliate marketers. The PPI network offers $1.50 per download.

The solutions are offered for developers with existing software to earn money. It also provides one-on-one support to generate maximum income.


GuppyGo offers good options to the publishers and all of them are often treated equally. GuppyGo uses a banner or direct link and even a hostable.exe file.

This PPI network has a presence in over 30 countries and assures advertisers to do lead generation, email marketing mobile marketing, and affiliate marketing on a large scale.


CashMyLinks Pay Per Install network provides advertisements that are not found elsewhere. Unlike the traditional networks, CashMyLinks provides a high conversion rate.
The primary focus is given to quality rather than quantity. However, it is open to all the publishers. CashMyLinks also offers a 10% referral commission.

AppNext PPI system

AppNext is generated keeping in mind the app developers. This Pay Per Install network aims to provide mobile and social advertising opportunities.

The PPI program is designed for Facebook apps, Mobile apps, etc. It is available in HTML and Flash options.


EarnPerInstall is a kind of basic network providing simple and clean-cut publishing and advertising. The network gives the users more reliability and is one of the topmost traditional PPI networks.


PayPerInstallBox provides a 5 screen offer option allowing users to download and go through five different offers in a single installation. The PPI network provides $1-$2 per install.

So that was some of the best Pay-per-install programs that you can use as a publisher.

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