List of Popular 10 Best FTP Client for Mac and Windows

Best FTP Client for MacBest FTP Client for Mac lists out popular and 10 best FTP Client for Mac and Windows PC(best ftp software ever).

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a standard protocol which is used to transfer files from one location to another through the Internet or a file network. The entire structure is based on client-server architecture and can be used for multiple reasons, viz. photo sharing, document sharing, etc.

Best FTP Client for Mac & Windows

There are many FTP clients available for use. Few of them are listed below –


FileZilla is free open-source FTP software which allows both clients and server to exchange files free of cost. This cross-functional FTP software provides support to Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. FileZilla is equipped to transfer large files and the users can make use of stop and resume function and drag and drop feature for easy file transfer.


SmartFTP can best be used for website publishing and maintenance, uploading and downloading of images, files, documents, movies and music files. 

The FTP can also be best used for sharing the files among friends and coworkers and to backup and synchronize local and remote files. It is a network file transfer program which supports multiple platforms including Windows and Mac OS.


FireFTP is a free open source cross platform FTP software which is available as an add-on in Mozilla Firefox. This secure and free FTP server can be activated from the tools menu.

WinSCP 5.5

WinSCP 5.5 is the upgraded version of the free open source SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. The new version comes with enhanced features with quick installation and transfer options.


CyberDuck is an open source FTP and SFTP browsers developed for Mac with easy to use interface, GUI and drag and drop features. The FTP allows the users to distribute content in the cloud and do a first-class bookmarking as well.


FlashFXP facilitates server to server FTP transfers, uploading and downloading photos, document, videos, and music file. Built with Windows-based GUI, it supports the client to server and server to server transfers.

CuteFTP 9

Cute FTP 9 is the latest version of world’s favorite FTP client. This FTP client supports WebDAV, UNICODE character set in addition to providing a secured file sharing over mobile platforms. The client facilitates over 100 concurrent file transfers.


WS_FTP is world’s most popular FTP client which has over 40 million users around the globe. Through this FTP client, users can transfer files through the internet with a high level of encryption and customization options. It has easy to operate and several time saving features. 


GoFTP is a free FTP client using special buffer overstuffing technique and compression methodology to transfer files three times faster than any other FTP clients.


CoffeeCup FTP client is known for providing fast and reliable file transfers with drag and drop feature and remote editing and stellar support team.

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So which of these FTP client are you using?

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