8 Best Linux VOIP Softwares for Free Calls

Best Linux VOIP Softwares: With the use of VOIP Software, a user is allowed to make free calls globally. Below are some Best Linux VOIP Software that a user can use in order to make free calls both internationally and locally.Best Linux VOIP software: top Linux VOIP SoftwaresBest Linux VOIP software: top Linux VOIP Softwares

Best Linux VOIP Softwares

VOIP software for Windows and iOS platform are common and easily found but when it comes to Linux you need to search for better one. Here we have put a list of such voice calling software –


It is one of the most popular VOIP Softwares of all time. A wide range of users uses Skype to make free calls just because they see a number of qualities in this software. It is very easy to use and has proper voice quality without any network barrier. This makes very smooth free calls even in congested network conditions.

It not only runs on Linux, but also Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows. You simply have to download and install the software on your computer. Launch it through the desktop icon and get started with free calling to your relatives and friends.

Download Skype


It is VOIP software that runs only on mobile phones. It works on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Nokia and iPod. Just download and install it on your phone and take benefits of Truphone for free VOIP calls.


Download TruPhone


You can also use VOIPStunt in order to make free calls to your friends and relatives. It has modern VOIP technology with excellent voice quality. It enables the user to globally make voice calls at very low cost. It will just take few minutes to download this amazing app and after that you can make free call worldwide.

Voip Discount

It is effective VOIP software that runs on Linux. It enables the use to communicate worldwide for free. To use it on your desktop, you simply have to download and install it on your computer. It is very user friendly and requires no expertise to run.


This is among the best VOIP providers that dominate the telecommunication market. This service provider frequently launches cheap and fresh offers for those who uses this software for worldwide calling. You will get VOIP accessories at very low price in case you will use Airespring for your local or long distance calls.


It is VOIP software that supports Linux, Windows and Mac. It also runs on iPhone, Windows phones and Nokia mobile phones. With the help of vbuzzer, you can make PC to phone calls, Phone to Phone and Mobile to Phone calls. Messaging, chatting and online fax is also very easy with this software.

Download Vbuzzer


The name itself suggests that it is a service provider which has strong faith in action. It is amazing VOIP software that allows user to make free or cheap calls worldwide. It runs on Linux and is very user friendly. No special skill or expertise is required to run ActionVOIP for making free international calls.

Download ActionVoip


Enables the users to make free VOIP calls throughout the world. It is very easy to find it and install on the desktop. It runs on Linux and also supports a number of other operating systems like Windows, XP, Vista etc.

Download VOIPBuster

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Above are some excellent and the best VOIP tools that serve the common purpose of free or cheap calling throughout the world. Try the above tools for free calls and you will surely like them.

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