Best Linux News Aggregators

Check out the list of 7 best Linux News Aggregators aka top Linux news readers softwares.

Staying connected to the whole world is what one wants. Every other person, whether it is a common man or a millionaire, something that every other person wants to know is what is going on around the world. News is something one wants to get on the go. Whether one is at the North Pole or at the equator, news is something one hopes to get accurately irrespective of the location and situation. Now that the world is moving towards a technological advancement, news aggregation should also be available for the people who want to get the news from all over the world. Hence if one is looking for software that could collect all the relevant and required information and news and produce it in front of the user.Best Linux News Aggregator

Moreover if you have a system that is Linux this software’s might help you to get what you are looking for. If you have a particular need or one is looking for something in general and need to find more about the kind of software that would aggregate news for the user, he or she can have a look at these and get the relevant information.


Like all the other software’s, even this has its information displayed on the internet. It’s software that comes from an open source. Language what it uses are the java development part and can obviously provide a powerful and cross-platform performance especially as RSS/Atom type. This will not let you down.ThinFeeder Linux News aggregator


This is something which is written in Java with the news aggregator being there for RSS and Atom new feeder. SWT uses somewhat a widget and uses Eclipse Rich Client Platform which ultimately tries and fits itself in all possible operating systems to make it better for the user.
RSSowl Linux News aggregator


RSS/RDF feeder of news which works at text mode. Supports all the available versions of RSS and also different ones via the plugins that are available.
Linux News aggregator


This is a news Aggregator which is terminal based. This is mainly available for the online news and aggregates almost all kinds of versions that are available on the internet. It also does import and exporting from and to OPML.Canto


RSS/Atom news feeds are available when this opens source software which runs on Unix-like operating systems, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Linux. It is fast and slick and is a reader and can be controlled with a keyboard.
newsbeuter Linux News aggregator


Websites which are RSS/Atom-enabled is something that it collects automatically news from. It can store and archive all the news feeds. The subscribed news feed can be done what is mentioned above.


Supports all the required and major news formats and is an online news aggregator. Formats that can be supported include RSS/RDF and Atom and can be dealt with the whole importing and exporting business which can be the subscriptions lists of OPML formats.
Liferea Linux News aggregator
It is usually for GTK+ and can be used on the desktops which are GNOME related.