5 Best Free CopyScape Alternatives- Best Plagiarism Checker

Best Free CopyScape AlternativesBest Free CopyScape Alternatives

Check the list of Best Free Copyscape alternatives 2018 2019 aka the best free Plagiarism checker tools online.

When creating web content it’s important not to copy and post duplicate content picked from anywhere. For bloggers and website owners too making sure that their ideas in form of music, lyrics, site content etc is not mimicked and projected by someone else as his own.

With Google’s new Panda, and Penguine update its clear that duplicate content sites are getting a better ranking than original ones also underlying why you need to keep a tight check on plagiarism.

Best CopyScape Alternatives

Copyscape is by and large the most popular online plagiarism detector for catching content theft. As a content owner, you can submit to Copyscape the site’s name on which Copyscape searches for web pages that have similar content. Copyscape is, however, free-to-use only for a 30-day trial period.

There are certainly good alternatives to Copyscape that are free. Check them out!


Most people who’ve used Plagium agree it’s the next best thing to Copyscape. The site is free and you can paste content onto it for ruling out plagiarism. Up to 25000 characters can be checked at one time in the textbox. Donating to the site is optional.

Advance options like checking of content on the web, news or social sites are possible, in different languages and according to a relevancy meter.


While it’s not as easy a plagiarism checker as the other options like Plagiarism ate site carries text box to copy-paste a content for checking. You can enter text in form of a large quote or as a simple group of words. Apart from checking content for plagiarism DupliChecker lets the user upload file with .txt or the .docx extension and check if the content is stolen.

To use it you don’t have to start an account, just visit and check! On the downside, the maximum words you can check at one time cannot exceed 1500 words. The checker also offers a choice of three search engines- Google, MSN and Yahoo for checking.


With functionality very close to that of Plagium the plagiarism checker lets you paste content to its text box and check without a word limit. It doesn’t offer several other alternates like directly uploading a file to check. For any text the PlagiarismChecker caters for letting the user set the Google Alert and it notifies on text found stolen through email.


Quite popular and much used, CopyGator comes with free service to monitor RSS feed and sends the user a notification when content is detected stolen. To use it you have to enter the feed address of your blog and click on ‘Watch this feed’ option. It could take only a few minutes or several hours for the RSS feed watching process to complete.

Once done, start checking for content theft through ‘Who’s using your feed content’ option. Improve your CopyGator experience by displaying CopyGator badge on your own site. Any content theft located and the badge changes color to red!


With advanced search capabilities to detect plagiarism, this checker offers three options for checking. You can copy-paste content on to text box without any word count limitation or enter a site URL for checking.

You can also upload a file you want to be scanned or download-install the free checking software the site offers.

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Check the list of Best Free Copyscape alternatives 2018 2019 aka the best free Plagiarism checker tools online.
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