Shocking Reactions When A Girl Asks for Condom in Public

Have you ever seen a girl shopping for Condoms at stores? You will be shocked when this girl in the video ask for a condom in public and that too in India.

Asking Condoms in Public

9 out of 10 girls are afraid to ask for condoms, the ratio is reversed when it comes to the male counterparts. Women feel shy to purchase it from a medical store or retail store. Well, maybe these online eCommerce sites are there. Have you ever purchased it online?

She says “Around 2 lacs people die in India because of unprotected sex every year and most of them are between 16 to 35 age.” These are official statistics by World Health Organization based on 2013 study. So when we have these Condoms for our protection, why not people use them? Put in your reply via comments below.

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UPDATE: Video looks to be deleted but check out more such viral videos on our blog. Few popular are –

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