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Yosemite Water Falls USA is one of the highest waterfalls of the Yosemite National Park that drops from 739 meters height from the top of the upper fall to the down base of the lower fall. The other waterfall in the valley is Vernal Fall. This world famous waterfall is seen in the Sierra Nevada in the state of California. The waterfall is a chief attraction of the park mainly during spring season. During this season the water flows at a peak level.

Yosemite Falls has Yosemite waterfalls as its chief jewels that are among the tallest waterfalls in the entire USA. This water fall consist three separate falls and have a total droplet of 2,425 feet. The Yosemite Falls are also very popular for its moon bow display during the snow fall and spring season. It forms the base of the upper fall during winter season.

The entire water fall of Yosemite is well fed by the melting of Snow. The peak coming of tourists generally occurs mainly during May or June and the roaring sound of water fall can be heard easily in many parts in the eastern portion of the Yosemite Valley. After the snow melts away in the high hilly region then Yosemite Falls very often gets dried during the month of August. After coming to a 1 mile loop trail it will take you to view the water falls at the base. You can get access to the trail at the shuttle stop at the Yosemite. The eastern section of the loop trail can be accessed through a wheel chair.

You can also reach the very top by coming to the upper Yosemite falls trail that commences near the Yosemite shuttle stop. However if you are ready to do a day long strenuous hike over the water falls then only it will be ok. The upper Yosemite fall is counted among twenty highest waterfalls all over the world. The trails of the Yosemite valley and coming to the base of the other areas of the park lead all to the top and base of the top part of the upper Yosemite Fall. The uppermost waterfall is formed by the fast coming water splashes of the Yosemite waterfalls.

The middle cascades seen amidst two chief plunges have been divided into series of 5 plunges that is collectively referred as the mid cascades of the Yosemite waterfall. During the months of very little snow fall the waterfalls may stop flowing till summer season.

Very little number of adventurers and rock climbers has taken the chance to climb up the tough rocky valleys of the Yosemite national park.

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