Rajwada Palace Indore

Rajwada Palace IndoreRajwada Palace Indore
Rajwada Palace Decoration during Diwali

Rajwada, a gigantic structure built-in 17th century by well renowned ruler Malhar Rao Holkar, is now one of the famous tourist spots in Malwa. The palace, which is located in the center of Indore, depicts the lifestyle and living standards of the Holkars.

Rajwada Palace Decoration during Diwali

Rajwada Palace

The building is a huge seven storey structure, with first three stories being made of stones and the rest with woods, turning it into a high level of fire danger.

Various architectures are sensibly combined to give it a royal look. As we rush to the entrance, a huge arch is present with a massive wooden door which is appreciably surfaced by ferrous beams. Upon entrance a huge lawn is present which is enveloped with Ganesha hall, which is presently used for various exhibitions and regional concerts. Various attractions in Rajwada include a charming garden, a manufactured waterfall, alluring fountains and much more. If one side of the building shows the Mughal architecture, then the other side depicts the European style.

Instead the structure is said to be burned around 3 times, with various amendments done to bring old glory to the structure. In 2006 the palace was rebuilt with the orders of the Maharani of Indore, HH Ushadevi Holkar. Presently only the leading structure is original royal made; rest structure is innovated to provide support and glory to the building.

Rajwada is surrounded by various top class markets including Khajuri bazaar and Sarafa Bazar. Due to the classy location at the mid of the city, the area is among the busiest markets of the city. The area is heavily crowded by local residents and the outsiders.

Only during the night the palace is closed, instead you can visit this historic place any suitable time. Since it is located in the modern city Indore, the transport is suitably available within the city. Buses, Taxies, Railways connect the city to all the major or even minor locations in India. Indore airport is present to add to the royalties.

Various hotels are present within the city to accommodate the visitors throughout. With a small hotel with fewer rooms to a 5 star with various luxuries are available in the town.

Various famous destinations nearby include Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Mandu, Sanchi, Panchmari etc with various packages by the travel agents are available.

Climate remains suitable during the whole year with no problems or issues for the tourists.

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