Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira FortMurud Janjira Fort

The Murud Janjira fort originated during the 12th century by the Siddis and businessmen of South Africa who became rulers later on. The entire fort has an age of 950 years and many records prove that the fort with its current looks was constructed over 350 years by Siddi Johar. This is the only fort with a coastline of 7 km in the entire state of Maharashtra in India. This fort indeed remained undefeated in most centuries.

Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort is located at a height of 90 feet above marine level. This fort consumed a time of 22 years to get constructed. Though this fort was attacked by Shivaji and the Portuguese including Sambhaji yet the entire historical place remained safe in all concerns. Among all conquerors, Sambhaji Bhonsle thought one step ahead and constructed a fort in a nearby island. This fort was called as Kasa. The Kasa fort has been locked and the general public cannot have access to view it from inside.

Getting internal access to the fort is very easy for tourists and travelers. During one weekend I went to Murud fort. The quickest and easiest way to get into the fort is to take a boat from Gateway of India to Mandwa. On Mandwa you will find buses and tempos that will drop you to Alibagh. After reaching Alibagh bus stand you can hire any local buses to Murud. The old fort of Janjira can be accessed from Rajpuri, one can undertake a boat ride within 20 minutes in the sea waters. This will make you come to the entrance door of the Janjira fort. One can see or notice the variety of construction patterns that are used in this building that was constructed in the middle age. Murud has a small fishing village that is very popular for its sea beaches. It has a crystal clear coastline and sea beaches that have abundant groves of coconut. These beaches attract multitudes of people generally during weekends.

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Janjira is today being counted among the strongest marine forts in the Indian peninsula. The citadel of Janjira used to be the capital city of Siddis who used to rule in the princely state of Janjira and Murud. This city was located on a rock of oval shape near the port town of Murud. It lies about 165 km in the South of Mumbai in the Raigad district seen in the state of Maharasthra. The fort can be reached by sailboats from the spot of Rajapuri Jetty. The Murud Janjira fort is overspread on a landscape having a breadth of 22 acres. The entire fort is having the 19 bastions that have ravaged the vibes of time and stands well with pride even today.

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