ISKCON Temple Indore

ISKCON Temple IndoreISKCON Temple Indore

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A well-renowned place to visit in Indore city is Iskcon temple. Located at Nipania (Indore), the temple is one among the vast chain of Iskcon temples all over India.

The temple is well known for its beauty, with mesmerizing idols of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. Surrounding walls of the temple are appreciably designed with beautiful paintings and various arts.

The feeling of being close to the god prevails in the campus every single time.


Every temple owned by Iskcon trust has a certain specialty. In Indore, the center of attraction remains in Seminar hall where certain seminars are held time to time, Auditorium where stories and importance of lord is depicted in pictorial forms, Govinda’s restaurant where fresh and pure food is served to you with no oil present in the food.

Once you visit this holy place, you are going to have a glance over the devotees from all around the world, well dressed in a traditional Indian style. The trust members are seen all around the campus of the temple holding the holy books, standing at bookstalls etc.

The area where the temple is constructed is worth appreciable. The surroundings of the holy temple include fresh greenery, pin – drop silence, calm environment that will surely soothe your heart and much more.

Also the Iskcon project Indore includes Vrindawan theme park, where you are going to have a feeling almost equal to being in Vrindawan.

The temple must be visited to wipe all the sins created during any of the seven births.

ISKCON Temple Indore Timings

The temple runs five days in a week, from Monday to Friday, rest two days are off. During any 5 days the main temple starts in the morning at sharp 5:00 am and shuts down at 1:00 pm. After 3 hours of gap, the temple again starts at 4:00 pm and operate till 7:00 pm. The evening time remains the peak time for devotees to worship Lord.

Regular visitors rush the temple to grab peace and refresh the mind.

Location and Conveniences

The temple is located in the outer part of the Indore city, at Nipania near to Bypass. Various cabs, rickshaw and city buses are available at any time from either railway station or bus stand or airport. The lanes leading to the temple are well cemented thus you can reach the temple in a lesser time.

ISKCON Temple Indore Address

Hare Krishna Vihar Colony,

Nipania, Indore,

Madhya Pradesh 452016

Phone: 093004 74043

Indore Iskon Mandir map:

Here is the ISKON Temple Indore map:

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