International Movers Oakland: The Basic Checklist

International movers to oaklandInternational movers to oakland

Traveling and relocating are two different things that need close observation. Relocating abroad is an exciting prospect where you get to explore a new country and avail better opportunities. However, moving is stressful and moving internationally is a big hassle. However, you have to do it and here is our checklist to help you ensure that you have everything done and complete.

From hiring international movers Oakland to ensuring that the moving company you hired has insurance for international household moving. Each step is essential and has its significance. You shouldn’t miss any because dealing with these things in another country can be much more difficult.

1.     Choosing what to bring and what to leave

When you start packing your house the biggest challenge would be to choose what to leave and what to take. But with some hard decisions, you will be able to do it – don’t overpack! Take things that you can easily put anywhere your next place might not be as big as the one you live in right now.

Things that would go stale by the time you come back donate them or sell them or even better just leave your items in the self storage unit. The decision about taking or leaving the car is going to be a difficult one but with consideration of the city’s traveling habits and transport system you can evaluate the need for your car.

2.     Finding International movers from Oakland

This one is going to make the most of the work but is highly essential. Get two or three quotes from different countries then only choose the one which offers you the best rates.

Also, your shipping company should have insurance for international household moving. The road is long and your valuables can be broken, so in case that happens, you can at least be assured that they would be compensated for.

Also, the moving company should have affiliations and memberships like that of FIDI that ensure that the company is credible. FIDI is only given to those companies which offer hold a high standard and never fail to deliver them.

3.     Passport, Visa and Ticket

When you have decided that you want to relocate and where then it is time for you to update your passport. Hire a local agent or get web help to understand the visa process of the country. Ensure that you have the documents they require when you go to their embassy for applying for the visa.

Once sorted then set a date when you would leave for and book a ticket. Remember the earlier you book your ticket the cheaper your air ticket will be.

4.     Health Insurance

Before you move to get all your medicals done and get any immunization that might be required for the country you are moving to. Check that you have a health insurance plan that covers for you in case of any accidents or illnesses. We suggest that you get a plan that gives you the freedom to choose the hospital you want. Hence you will be able to choose the one nearest to your residential area in the country.

If you need more help than you can go through articles that help to choose the perfect health insurance plan for an ex-pat.

As hard as it looks, relocation can change your life to a great extent and help you explore other people, cultures, places, and traditions in this world.

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