Indore Zoo Safari

Indore Zoo SafariIndore Zoo Safari

One of the famous attractions in Indore is Kamala Nehru Park, located near Indore BRTS in the city at A.B. Road. It was established in the year 1974, maintained by Indore’s Municipal Corporation. It’s also known as Chidiyaghar as its combination of park and zoo. Dr. Uttam Yada has been current director of Indore Zoo since December 2008.

It is one of the oldest zoological parks of Indore covers an area of 4000 sq ft. Later it expanded around the area and at present has an area of 51 acres. It is open to public on all days of week from 9AM to 6PM. The entry fee for the zoo is around 10-20 Rs for an hour or 2. Zoo surrounded by greenery where different variety of trees and other plants which look like a real forest habitat for the animals.

It’s in the limelight because of white tigers in the park. The zoo has different sections for white tigress with her cubs, Birds, amphibians, many carnivores and omnivores animals. The zoo is also famous for Himalayan bear and white peacock.

Park is good for family, nature lovers and photo fanatics. Park attraction includes elephant rides, camel rides, pony rides, goat cart and buggy rides. Park occupied with huge playground for children, restaurants with a variety of food dishes and also ice cream parlors.

The zoo is well equipped with essential amenities like drinking water, restrooms, visitor’s shed, wheel chair for old age and handicapped etc.

Indore zoo authorities organize exhibitions of various plants, animal and their habitats. Indore zoo helps animals, plants and their habitats for reproduction and protection.

Groundwater is the main source for water in zoo. Approximately 5 bore wells that run for 6 hours a day. The Khan River is flowing through the zoo with waste water flows entire year. Some water, groundwater consumption project going on in a zoo. This will help to reduce the foul smell and benefits visitors of the zoo.

Some of the news spread over the world that three newborn lion cubs, two males and one female died within hours of birth at Indore zoo. Their mother picked them up by the flesh rather than the skin around their neck. Also one of the white tigers died on December 2014 being bitten by a black cobra in a cage.

The fox conservation breeding center was launched at Indoor zoo. For the first stage of project 3:4 foxes will be left in the center. This will help in conservation of wild animals. It also has a breeding center for white tiger, gharials, bear, leopards and Hippopotamus.

Nearby zoo you can also visit other famous attractions like Indore Museum, Bijasen Tekri, Chhatri Baug, Deoguradia, Gomatgiri, and Mahatma Gandhi Hall.

Visit zoo to get a glimpse of exotic birds, animals and different kinds of plants and trees.

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