Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge represents San Francisco, California and United States. American Society of Civil Engineers has recognized it as a great engineering work as Wonders of Modern World. The Golden Gate strait is the entrance to the San Francisco bay. This strait was named by Chrysopylac or Golden Gate, by John.C Fremont who was the captain of propological engineers of the US army. It reminded him of a harbor in Istanbul named Chrysocers or Golden Horn.Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Construction

The bridge consists of 6 lanes. It is a suspension bridge. Its design contain truss, arch and truss causeways. It is made up of steel. The total length of the bridge is 2.7 meter and has got longest span of 1280.2 meter. The Golden Gate Bridge was constructed from 1933 to 1937 and was opened in 1st May, 1937.

The gigantic bridge is in international color, which matches the surroundings of the land area. The bridge is attracted by many tourists due to its beautiful location and surroundings. Pedestrians, cyclist and even wheel chairs users can also stroll on its side lane of the bridge. Sidewalks are allowed from sunrise to sunset for all seven days in a week but automobile and vehicles runs all day and night over the bridge.

Tourists enjoy the jaw dropping views of beauty of the bridge and also the natural developed park on both sides of the bridge.

There are many spectacular views for tourists from different points of the bridge. Such as –

  1. South Vista Point at San Francisco end is a wonderful spot.
  2. Marine County side can be viewed from North Vista Point of the bridge.
  3. From the northern tip of the Lincoln Park Panaromic view of the land can be seen.
  4. Baker Beach can be seen from Presidio Park.

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Morning view of the Golden Gate Bridge is most refreshing and breathtaking; especially when the bridge hides under the moist weather and at night the bridge street lights make it remarkably wonderful. To reach Golden Gate bridge tourists can take bus service from Geary Boulevard to Park Presidio to enjoy this wonderful modern bridge.

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