Bargi Dam Jabalpur

Bargi Dam JabalpurBargi Dam Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh has many tourist spots such as National Park Kanha, Panchmarhi, Sarnath and many others. Among all these tourist spots Bargi dam is one of the most wonderful tourist spot possesses with amazing scenic beauty. Bargi dam is a major dam constructed across the river Narmada. The holy river flows although the Madhya Pradesh and has great irrigation and hydro-power potential.

Bargi Dam

Bargi dam is situated 40 kilometers of south-east near Bijora village at Jabalpur city. The dam construction was started in 1974 and was completed in 1990. It has generating capacity of 105 megawatt of electricity, but at present it is generating 90 megawatt of electricity. Bargi dam is 5.4 km long and 63 meter high and it is able to accumulate back water of the length 75 km and breath 4.5 km. It is also well known for irrigation project. In this irrigation facility 2980 sq km can be irrigated.

Beside irrigation and power generation it is also a favorite and spectacular tourist place. Here Madhya Pradesh tourism has opened hotel and restaurant for tourists. The dam’s backwater has formed a huge lake, where Madhya Pradesh tourism department has opened a big hotel called ‘Maikul Resort’. It has restaurant and accommodation facility. In Bargi Lake there are many facilities of boating and other water games. Recently a cruise has been provided by Madhya Pradesh tourism. There are many other boating facilities available such as motor speed boat, pedal boats. They also exists hot air balloon facility to see the Narmada River and dam surrounding, to see view from top.

Among all these adventures and picturesque scenes, tourists can visit a famous temple situated in a hilltop of Bargi. It is hardly 2 to 3 km away from the dam. The temple is popularly known as Nandikeshwar Temple. This place has a very calm and serene environment. There are not many temples by the name of Nandi, who is the conveyance of Lord Shiva according to Hindu God. The temple is very beautifully made and one should not fail to visit it. The sight from the top of Nandikeshwar temple is so beautiful that tourist never fail to take a photograph of this scenic beauty. From Nandikeshwar temple, Bargi dam is also very easily visible.

Tourists take nearly half a day to visit this Nandikeshwar temple. To visit Bargi dam tourist can board a flight for Dumna aerodrome at Jabalpur, from where the cab is easily available.

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