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Angel Fall VenezuelaAngel Fall Venezuela

The Angel Falls Venezuela is seen in the Guayana highlands. It is being counted among the five most interesting reasons for adventure in entire Venezuela. The water here comes through a free fall of 979 meters and its source commences from the Churum river that covers the edges of the Table Mountain. This is the largest Table Mountain in the region of Venezuela. So much height has given it the largest and highest waterfall on the globe. The Angel Falls is 15 times high in comparison to Niagara Falls with a total approximate height of 52 meters.

Angel Falls

This entire waterfall was named after Jimmy Angel who used to be a pilot from the United States at Missouri. He flew by air circus Lindberg and saw the waterfall for the first time in the year 1933 along with his flight partner while he was seeking the Golden City or Mc Cracken River of Gold. James returned to Angel Falls again in the year in the year 1937 with his wife and his intimate friend Gustavo Henry.

The three of them had an emergency landing at the topmost part of Auyantepuy. The aircraft machine was able to land safely at the top of the Tepuy and stayed there for 33 years till it was taken down due to a helicopter landing. The drops of Angel waterfall fall over the edge of Auyantepui mountain in the Canaima National Park.

It is a historical site that has got the prestige of being a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the region of Bolivar State. Sir Walter Raleigh described Angel Falls as a tabletop mountain and he is believed to be the first European to see Angel Falls. These claims are believed to be far-fetched. Some historians believe that the first European to come to Angel waterfall was Fernando de Berrio. He was an Explorer who hailed from Spain and lived during the 16th Century AD.

According to the latest accounts of the explorers Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz from Venezuela, he saw the Angel Waterfalls for the first time in the year 1912. However, he did not put his discovery before common people. Cruz saw the Montoya Falls in the Sierra region which is located at a height of 500 meters above sea level.

The total height of the Angel Waterfalls was measured by a survey that was carried out through an expedition that was financed and led by a US journalist Ruth Robertson on the date of 13/9/1949.

Angel Fall Movie:

There is a movie by the name of Angel fall.

Angle Fall Map

Angel Fall Video

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It’s also called the Supernatural Angel Fall.

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