5 Best Sites to Create Free Forums Online

Best Sites to Create Free Forums OnlineBest Sites to Create Free Forums Online

Check out 5 Best Sites to Create Free Forums Online.

Forums are a place where one and all can come together and discuss each and everything under the sun. It gives people a platform in the internet where they can come together and discuss anything and everything relate to a certain topic and get different views on a particular topic. There ar4e so many topics to discuss and one has definitely come across a number of forums but what do we do when we want to create our own forums. The best solutions are provided by these particular sites which give you an opportunity to create your own forums.

Best Sites to Create Free Forums Online

One who has a website and creates communities and talks and invites people, it’s very easy for them to make forums, but what about the people who want to create forums but don’t own websites? What they do when they have to create their own forums?

There are the best sites to create free forum online, on whichever topic you want.


This site lets you create four different kinds of platforms for your forum. There are 3000 themes that are available and the four platforms include- Invision, punBB, phpBB3, phpBB2. There are subdomains that are available and you can choose one for our self-depending on the kind of forum you are hosting, you can even buy a domain from this site from the admin’s interface.

There are a number of features –

  • Creating your account instantly
  • Reports on forum statistics
  • Installations of modules like chat boxes, calendar, blogs, photo galleries, point systems and portals
  • Can sync your accounts and then lets you invite all your friends
  • You can newsletter to all forum members ad and when you like

Yuku Forum For Free

Though this is only available in phpBB this site provides a number of other features. It can let you add a domain name and remove all unnecessary ads, though you will have to pay a price for it.

They offer more than 150 design and all round the clock support, with variety of mods that include –

  • Activity Stats
  • AJAX Chat
  • Arcade
  • Birthday
  • Calendar
  • Contact Page
  • Resizing of images
  • Inactive Member Reminder
  • iPortal
  • No Ads For Staff
  • New Profile System
  • Quick Reply
  • Share This
  • Show Topic in View Online Page
  • Thanks Mod
  • Welcome PM


This site comes with a unique feature of adding sidebar widgets to your forum.

The features that can be used in this site is

  • Email notifications
  • Avatars
  • Games
  • Chat boxes
  • Statistics
  • Newsletters
  • Spam detection
  • 10GB bandwidth
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Facebook, Twitter and MySpace synchronization

phpBB host

This site does not offer anything special but is definitely appropriate on if you are looking for some site which provides the basics, like phpBB3, but definitely provides unlimited bandwidth.

The common features which these sites also offer are-

  • Attachment quota of 500MB
  • Custom domain
  • Over 40 different styles
  • 24/7 forum tech support
  • Forum import ability
  • Ads

There are different kinds of mods too-

  • Post count requirement
  • Welcome PM
  • Top posters
  • Manage attachments
  • Quick Reply
  • ACP notepad
  • Custom Portal

You can log on to the site and check out the features that this site will offer.

Pro PhpBB

This is similar to the site mentioned above and has nothing new as such to offer except phpBB3 which is the very basic. The only good part is that it lets you enjoy hassle-free installation and no obtrusive ads like the other site.

And if you want simple installation this is the site you are looking for.

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Best Sites to Create Free Forums Online
There are the best sites to create free forum online, on whichever topic you want.
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