How to Place Ads In Between Post Content in WordPress

Unlike blogger blogs which have limitation to show ads only on sidebar, footer and at the end of the post, WordPress doesn’t have such kind of limitations. To maximize the earning potential from your blog, many opt to place ads in between post content. I am not sure whether this is allowed for Google Ads but other networks will certainly happy to see more clicks generated. Obliging to last sentence is Digital Inspiration blog run by Amit Agarwal, the famous blogger from India.Ads in between postAds in between post

Ads In Between Post Content

We blog because we want to earn money through our valuable contribution. Unlike 5 years back scenario, when not many knew about blogging, it was easy to get ranked without much competition and your earning potential was high. Today, you have to face with huge competition and Cost Per Click(CPC) rate has been declined largely. In quest of maximum out of each visitor on your blog, you should make your ads clearly visible to readers. While Why Do Work Adsense is nice plugin to manage ads on your WordPress blog, I discovered Ad Injection a wonderful replacement of ad management WordPress plugin.

From controlling ads only visible to visitors via search engines to blocking certain IP addresses(to block only Ads from showing), Ad Injection is one of the widely used WordPress plugin. Once the plugin is installed, Go to Settings > Ad Injection and you are on the page to manage how ads are displayed on your blog. Under Adverts section, you have various slots like Top ad, Random ad, Bottom ad and Footer ad.

If you are particularly looking to place ads in between post content then put your ad code in Random ad and select alignment as Center. If you select alignment either left or right or N/A you will see text aside your ad codes which is not good in the view of readers. You also have margin & padding settings as well to adjust ads perfectly.

While placing ads in between paragraphs of a post might distract users, on other side of the same coin, you will earn more revenue from your blog. But you can reduce distraction of users by placing 468 x 60 ads or mobile banner. This will not lead to any distraction unlike 336 x 280 or 300 x 250 does.

So if you are placing Google AdSense codes in between posts, it’s up to your decision. I wouldn’t recommend it. But you can openly place recommended ads of any other network say Chitika, Bidvertiser.

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