Download UC Browser for PC for Free


Download the latest version of UC browser for PC for free. With UC Browser enjoy quick and reliable browsing experience.

Surfing on the web through web browsers is being accessed by millions of computer and mobile users on daily basis. Demands are increasing sharply and browsing experience has become more a fun and entertainment for the sole browsers. Of course, mobile phones and computers require solid, easy and effective interface to interact with the online resources and data however; tablet browsers have also offered a great deal of excellence and usability in the browsing world. It is needless to say that UC Browser has created its niche and reputation in the world of browsing which means millions of users on consistent basis download and install it on their mobile phones and tablets. However, PC version of UC browser was not available with such an easy and convenient interface.

You all have already noted here that UC browser is fully compatible with all the mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Java and Symbian but it was nearly impossible to see it Mac or Windows PC. Today, you will find here that UC browser is now available to download, install and use on the PC with similar attractive features as that were on the mobile phones.

Reasons for increasing popularity of UC Browser

Most of the people and potential browsing users are overwhelmed with the increasing usability scope and popularity of the UC browser however; you will see many notable features that are usually offered by this very browser.

  1. First of all, UC browser can be downloaded and installed free of cost.
  2. Data compression is one of the inherent features offered by UC browser which simply means it is ought to save much of our browsing time, data plan costs and data consumption ration on the regular basis.
  3. Of course, the browser is really fast in operation and it is capable of loading all the websites very quickly.
  4. User friendly and easy GUI further makes the browsing experience entertaining and funny for the users. No doubt, UC browser also supports flash for the websites which makes your experience better.

Apart from all these, there are other reasons as to why it has earned a lot of popularity today. UC browser can be downloaded on your PC if you want to enjoy the same browsing experience on a much bigger screen, as compared to the mobile phones and tablets.

UC Browser Features

  • It will compress the browsing data up to nearly 90% thus; saving a lot of money for you.
  • Easy to navigate and fast performance.
  • Similar to other popular and latest browser versions, you can open multiple browsers in a single window pane of UC browser.
  • Download manager is also flexible, better and offers you options to start, pause and stop your download items.
  • Attractive and functional customization options are readily available to the users when they make use of the UC browser.


Are special tools needed to make use of UC browser for PC?

You will be happy to know here that UC browsers do not need any type of special tools rather you are just required to run the downloaded file.

Similar to other installation files, UC browser finds it practical to create new and separate folder and system files in PC by itself. However, users will need to be patient for sometime when they are going to open and use the browser for the first time.

Downloading UC Browser for PC

For the present time, users will find two popular methods to download the UC browser for the desktop of which one is easier and the other one, is a little bit complicated. This tutorial will explain you how to download the browsers in both the ways without getting any technical or software interruptions.

Download UC browser quickly

The first method is really easy and much simple because it will never require the user to have any installation files or anything else. Just get the download file in ZIP format and extract the same thing to get an exe file with famous logo of your favorite browser. After this, you will just have to double-click this exe file to get started and the task will be completed in seconds.

Complicated process to download UC browser on PC

When compared to the earlier method of downloading UC browser, it seems to be complicated. However, you will find it easier too, once you follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to download and install JAVA or JRE file. After this, Kemulator should be installed on your PC so that Java apps can run smoothly.
  • In the next step, you will have to grab UC Browser 8.0 Java app. After installing the Kemulator, you will have to run the Java app which has been just downloaded. After this, UC browser needs to be located on the computer and it can then be readily used for browsing purpose.
  • At last, you are done with the installation job and can surf your favorite websites through UC browser, similar to the mobile phones.

Disadvantage of UC browser for PC

Since the UC browser is a Chinese product, you will find texts in Chinese language which would be tough to interpret for the first time. However, with regular use, any person can get addicted to the language and its interpretation in a few days thus; it will be easy for you to understand everything, right from text to symbols. It should be mentioned here that UC browser provides you a similar interface like that of the mobiles because a dedicated interface for the PC version is still not available for you. Such interface might be still in its development stage hence; it may strike in the near future.

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Ultimate take on UC browser PC version

There is no denying the fact UC browser is really popular and is being used by millions of mobile and tablet users today. It has got lightning fast speed for uploading data and saves a lot of data costs for you due to its excellent compression feature. Therefore, you can simply download its PC version in free and enjoy the browsing in the best possible manner.

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