WishTel PrithV Cheapest Linux Tablet Now Official at Rs 3300

WishTel PrithvWishTel Prithv

We all know that Aakash tablet is the world’s cheapest tablet available but do you known which the cheapest Linux tablet is? The credit again goes to Indian consumer electronics manufacturer as WishTel has pulled up a surprise here.

WishTel PrithV

WishTel PrithV by now would be the cheapest Linux tablet based on the open source platform released by the Mumbai, India based firm. They are into work since a long time to come up with the cheapest Linux tablet and here it goes. Unlike the Aakash tablet, this will be perfectly working although it will have moderate 800 Mhz single core processor over the 7 inches LCD touchscreen display. Good thing is that it will support 85 global languages and among them 23 are the India based widely spoken.

WishTel PrithV has following specifications –

  • 7 inch LCD touchscreen display screen
  • 800 Mhz single core processor
  • 85 languages support
  • 23 Indian languages support

WishTel PrithV is priced at Rs 3300 and its the next cheapest tablet than the Aakash tablet which is sold in India.

Via : TechnosAmigos.com

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