How to Update Windows Phone to Latest Software Version

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows Phone OS launched very recently. I am sure there are large number smartphones with Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 ready to be pushed to Windows 8.1. Just like Android smartphones, Microsoft releases timely updates for Windows Phone software but they aren’t that frequent like Android.Windows Phone UpdateWindows Phone Update

The new software version is always with the best performance and stability. So whenever a new software update for phone is available for download, Windows normally notifies users either by a push notification on to your phone. Along with the software update, generally the manufacturer provides a comprehensive list of improvements and enhancements included.

Before You Update

You saw the notification of the new updates, wait a minutes before you actually proceed. You should prepare your device first with pre-requisites. This is for the reason that you shouldn’t be strucked while updating to the latest version, which means you should be always on the safe side while updating to the latest software version. These are the mandatory steps you should follow before updating your device –

  • If you are worried about excess data usage while updating via Over the Air update then you should look to manually download the software file and then update by yourself. If you have Wi-Fi then it’s better to update via free Wi-Fi that you have as the downloading rate will be very fast and device can be updated within few minutes.
  • Make sure that you have enough storage space on your phone for updating the device. You can check by going through Settings > Phone Storage.
  • Also ensure that whatever you have on your phone internal memory will be wiped off, it’s better recommended that you take the backup of it. Alternatively you can move the content, audio, files to the memory card for safe backup.
  • Make sure that you have charged your phone so that you don’t lose the power during the update process. We suggest you to full charge your device up to 100 % and then directly proceed with updating your device.

How to Download Updates for Windows Phones

So finally after going through the per-upgrade instructions, it’s now time to update your device. Follow the instructions mentioned below to update your device –

  • From your phone go to Settings > Phone Update.
  • Now tap on Check for updates ensuring that you are connected to internet via data connectivity or via Wi-Fi.
  • Information will be sent to Windows Phone server requesting to check for availability of updates. If no updates are available it maybe because you are using the latest software version or no further more updates has been done by developers. But if you see the availability of update, first read what improvement does it includes and then prepare your device accordingly as mentioned above and proceed.
  • In the prompt box, you will see Download message. Hit download and you will see that firmware package will be downloaded with progress bar showing up on your screen.
  • Interestingly, you can postpone the updates by tap on Postpone and later you can update with the same by going through Settings > Phone Update.
  • Once the download is done, you will see Install button. Tap on it and once the installation is done your phone would be restarted automatically.
  • It will take few minutes to adjust your phone accordingly to the latest firmware which you have downloaded and applied.

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