Top 10 Best iOS 7 Apps of All Time

Apple phones are known for their classy looks and unmatched features. iOS is known to be the most reputed operating systems. Perhaps, it is the first to introduce touch screen technology for the mobile telephony. The release of iOS 11 is around the corner and there is a possibility that all the apps of iOS 10 would be there in iOS 11 phones as well. Below mentioned are some of the best apps for iOS.

iOS 7 AppsiOS 7 Apps


Mailbox is the most useful app of iOS and is more likely to come with some of the more enhanced features in iOS 7 version. Mailbox by Orchestra Inc. is an excellent email client of Gmail which features some of the best features and making it more productive. The app is based on the idea to zero your inbox, basically reducing the file size and help in better clean up and organization of the emails. Mails can easily be organized by swiping them in the left panel. This email client is faster and lighter than any other clients available in Appstore. It is available for free of cost.

Download Mailbox for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch from App Store.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle appears to be a normal alarm of your iPhone, but it is just more than that. When Sleep Cycle is launched, wake up alarm can be set and it can be placed facedown on the bed which will inturn turn off the screen and save battery life through the night. Sleepcycle also collects information about the users during their sleep time and show the information when they get up. It also play some of the beautiful soundscapes during the night time making the users sleep more helpful. It is available at a nominal price.


With host of photo editing software available in the market, Snapseed just looks to be any other software for the same purpose. However, it is much different from any other software. It is rated as the best MobileApp 2012 and one of the best apps in iPad by Apple. The best thing about Snapseed is that it offers photo editing features alike for both beginners and professional photographers. Using this app, photos can be edited very quickly. It creates stunning HDR images, Grunge and Retrolux images which are considered as the best in the market. It is available for free download.


As the Google Drive in Android devices, Dropbox in iOS phones provides access to the user’s files at any time on the go. It provides 5GB of free cloud storage to all the users with an option of automatic backup of the camera album in iPhone, thereby ensuring that all the important files are saved in case the user opts for formatting the phone. To use this free app, the user is required to sync any or all the files in or inside the Dropbox folder located on the desktop of the iPhone.

Google Now

Google Now is the standalone app for iOS and is considered to be one of the best available in Apple store. While the normal Google Chrome browser provides search suggestions only when words are typed, Google Now provides a unique launch page where it gives suggestions to the questions which the users haven’t asked yet. All the user has to do is to sign in with their Google Account and the entire activity will be synced to the search engine. Apart from providing the traditional search tools like voice search, Google Now displays results like flight information, delay, if any and directions. The app is available for free of cost.


Have you ever been rewarded for doing window shopping? With the free app like ShopKick this is very much possible. ShopKick rewards the users for shopping. They earn points or kicks for just browsing through the products in the websites. A credit card can also be linked with the ShopKick so that every time the card is used for shopping, the users get some benefits. ShopKick also gives a host of other benefits which include free gifts earned in favorite stores. Users can also get bonus kicks by participating in various offers.

Google Maps

Google, the company which is responsible to create a revolution in the mobile telephony also has apps dedicated to the iOS app store. This wouldn’t have been possible had Apple’s Map-Gate exposure had not happened. Google Maps app users get a host of additional features and benefits like voice-guided navigation, Google local search, public transit directions, Street View and satellite view, etc. Google Maps is certainly an important app for those who often commute or travel. It provides directions to the commuters quite accurately.


iHeartRadio is a radio app which can work as a radio receiver and a music player. The app allows the users to search for and listen to live radio station’s broadcast. The smart music discovery tool provides multiple suggestions for the users to pick up the right music depending on their mood and environment. The app also offers pre-populated playlists and live radio stations.


Now win exclusive gifts by just watching TV with the use of this free app. All an user has to do is to tap the giant “check-in” button while watching the television program and wait for Viggle to recognize what the user is watching. When the check-in is confirmed, Viggle helps the users to earn 1 Viggle point for every minute of television being watched. Viggle also provides bonus points for checking the daily featured TV shows. It also allows a chat functionality which helps the users to know what shows their friends and relatives are watching.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a free app which provides the Apple users ample information of weather in multiple cities across the globe. Although it is not the most favored app in the app store, Yahoo Weather offers a host of benefits to the users. Along with the daily highs and lows and five-day forecast, Yahoo Weather will offer a host of other weather functions like short description of the weather condition, precipitation levels, wind strength and a live map of the area. Knowing the weather in multiple cities has never been so easy without the use of Yahoo Weather.

So, those were some of the top iOS apps to download right now!

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