Top 7 Smartphones to look for, in 2019

Top 7 Smartphones to look for in 2019Top 7 Smartphones to look for in 2019

Smartphones have quickly become an essential part of our life. They’ve sorted everything from entertainment, paying bills, to communicating to family and friends. It’s like carrying the cosmos around, with access to unlimited entertainment and data, just a search away. Smartphones hold an important place in our routines, and owing to this, being well-grounded before purchasing a device is extremely important. The proportion of features against the price of the device is one of the most significant variable dictating this choice. Better the percentage, the better are the chances of a person choosing that phone!

With this said, I have randomly listed down some of the best smartphones resting on their features and prices. Go through the list and tell me which one was your choice?

  1. Apple iPhone XR

This $750 device is considered more attractive than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max counterparts sold at $1000 and $1100 respectively.

iPhone XR offers almost the same user experience as iPhone XS, thin bezels and the gorgeous OLED display, etc. except for the dual-lens camera. However, I believe the additional $250 aren’t justified for the XS series, with very few features on top of XR phone. Check Spectrum Online to get the perfectly customized internet package for your new iPhone XR and have the world of information at your fingertips.

Price: The 6.1 in iPhone XR comes within a price range of $749-$899

2. OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6 T comes with all the basics that a smartphone must come equipped with. It operates superbly well besides having great features.  It has a $550 basic price tag and all the bare necessities such as nice looks, fast and long-lasting charges, top-of-the-line camera for excellent pictures, android system and applications that run seamlessly.

In short, this phone is equipped with an outstanding design, efficiency, and great value for cash, besides this, it is the first phone by One Plus, to be purchased by–T-Mobile–and be compatible with Verizon.

128 GB Phone Price: $550 for 6 GB RAM whereas $580 with 8 GB RAM by T-Mobile

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10e

Smartphone fanatics have named this phone as the best bargain in the category $700 plus. It has the same technology as the S10 phone in Samsung’s Galaxy series, with a $900 price tag. In addition, it also has reverse charging technology that Samsung may have otherwise kept for its costly devices, but fortunately, it has not.

It also has a sensor for fingerprint enabled functions and a camera capable of taking ultra-wide angled pictures. In short, it’s as nice as the expensiver Galaxy S10 with a smaller display.

Price: Starting from $ 799.99 with a storage space of 128 GB and above

  1. LG V40

LG’s $900 smartphone has a camera with five lenses (three lenses at the back and two on the front). This is a unique case of more-is-better. V40 takes pride in the biggest screen with a 6.4-inch display. Just like Note 9 this also has an OLED display with the finest quality of pictures and profound colors.

You can take a “cinematograph” with this phone; a photograph with one moving item in it. Take your Instagram to the next level of creativity and aestheticism. However, less battery life is an inconvenience one might face. Not a point to worry though, since it charges extremely fast and even has the choice of wireless.

Price: $950 base price tag.

  1. Google Pixel Phones

Since Google itself develops these smartphones, they receive Android updates as soon as they go live. Only Google’s phones boast this reality. Pixel 3 has the perfect camera for photography enthusiasts; it is capable of taking selfies with ultra-wide angles, in addition to standard selfies.

Because of Google’s affordable Nexus devices, I didn’t expect Pixel phones to be that costly. Both devices, however, exceed the user’s anticipations. The only distinction between Pixel3 and 3 XL phones is that in comparison with the former’s standard structure, 3XL has a more notched design.

Price: $800 for Pixel and $900 for Pixel 3 XL

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It is the only smartphone with a justifiable $1000 price, as propagated by influential mobile geeks. Note 9 provides everything to its customers from a large display, a great camera, gorgeous design, to an OLED screen.

Another cool feature is the S Pen stylus, so the user can take quick notes on the go. Seeing how often we need to unlock our phone, Note 9 has three efficient choices for unlocking your device. However, it is not the simplest phone to operate single-handedly.

Price: $1000 base price

  1. LG G8

LG’s top-of-the-line G8 ThinQ was released in April’19 and has everything lavish to offer. Extravagant features such as minimalist design, hand, face ID, and fingerprint recognition. Hand ID utilizes a biological foundation for unlocking the device, such as the structure of veins in your hands.

The game-changing speaker system is the best characteristic among others–the entire screen functions as the speaker, that utilizes vibrations to convey the sound quality of the boombox speaker. Use G8’s camera to get better portraits than ever and the cool new bokeh mode. However, LG G8 still competes with lower-priced options like Galaxy S10e by Samsung.

Price: Starting from $847 for a storage capacity of 128 GB

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