How to root Moto X with locked Bootloader – Compatible with Major US Carriers

Moto X PhoneMoto X Phone

Expectations and speculations about the launch of Moto X from Motorola, the Google owned, rose to new heights because of its outstanding features, excellent interface and something exceptional which would easily lure the worldwide consumers. People were of the view that this smartphone will simply threat the popularity and global acceptance of other brilliant competitors such as HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 however; Moto X disappointed critics and mobile lovers due to inclusion of outdated specifications although to a little extent. No doubt, it was capable enough to attract focus and love of the users.

Rooting this Moto X android smartphone will be an obvious choice for you if you recently invested in this model because the root process was discovered very soon after its launch but it could be possible only with unlocked bootloader. XDA member jcase also boasted of Moto X root procedure with the help of installation of MotoRoot app however; it required unlocked bootloader too.

Today, you will get a next root exploit from the same XDA member, jcase which will allow the interested mobile users to root their phones with locked bootloader. It is all about the vulnerabilities of Moto X which given jcase a chance to exploit the safety standards of Moto X although the process is too much complicated for new users. Here, you will find Moto X root procedure and steps through both the ways forwarded by jcase.

Network carriers’ compatibility of Moto X

Following network carriers in Moto X are fully compatible with the root procedures –

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • US Cellular
  • Sprint
  • Rogers

Essentials to be ensured before rooting Moto X

It should be ensured that you have already downloaded and installed Android SDK/Android Studio on your desktop. Even if you are unaware of ADB Shell commands being pretty new to the Android OS, you should gather more information from our earlier discussions.

Root Moto X with Unlocked Bootloader

ü  First of all, your mobile should have unlocked bootloader before you follow the next steps.

ü  You should then download the carrier-compatible version of MotoRoot app on your device.

ü  ADB & Fastboot files should be downloaded at first and then unzip the folder in name of Android SDK

ü  Before installing/pushing the MotoRoot app, you must set up the ADB on your system.

ü  The user should then copy apk file from MotoRoot app into the folder named “Android SDK Fastboot-ADB”.

ü  Simply launch the command prompt from this folder. You should press Shift button quickly followed by Right Click of your mouse, given you are working on Windows PC. Select ‘Open Command prompt here’ from the list of options.

ü  In cmd windows, you should type the given below command and then press Enter key.

Adb install –r MotoRoot1.1 –Version.apk.

It should be noted here that you must replace the command printed in red here with the name of the specific version of app you have downloaded.

ü  Now, this very app will be installed on your mobile device, Moto X.

ü  You should then open this app on your device and after this; you will have to tap on Setup button.

ü  Your device will reboot until this you should wait.

ü  You are now free to download & install SuperSU app from the Google Play Store.

After these steps are followed, the user is free to enjoy root access to your favorite mobile device, Moto X.

Note: – You should never uninstall the MotoRoot app from your mobile otherwise you will lose facility of root access.

Root Moto X with Locked Bootloader

In the recent past, jcase has forwarded root procedure to your Moto x phone which does not require unlocked bootloader. No doubt, it will be compatible with all the Moto X carriers that are mentioned above and the procedure will be quite similar to the above steps.

ü  You need to download suitable PwnMyMoto apk file through the official thread.

ü  After downloading ADB and Fastboot files, you are required to extract the zip folder of Android SDK

ü  The user should copy downloaded apk to Fastboot-ADB folder.

ü  Command prompt should be launched and write down the following command after replacing the red code with the one which you have downloaded for your carrier; and then hit Enter key.

Adb install –r PwnMyMoto PwnMyMoto-1.1-Version.apk.

ü  Now exploit apk is installed on Moto X phone.

ü  You should be patient because your mobile will take reboot for 2 to 3 times. This happens because the root exploit will try to bypass bootloader and work on multiple phone vulnerabilities which needs reboot.

ü  When last reboot occurs to your phone, PwnMyMoto app will automatically uninstall.

ü  At the last, SuperSU app should be downloaded and installed on your phone.

The user is now free to get root access to Moto X on their phones for the time being because working custom recovery is yet not available in working mode. You will see updated tutorial here when CWM/TWRP is launched in the market in the near or distant future.



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