How to Record Incoming Calls on Windows Phone using Call Recorder App

Call-RecorderCall-RecorderIn this guide check out on how you can record incoming calls on Windows Phone using the Call Recorder app.

Have you ever regret of not recording a call earlier? A number of apps are available for Android Phones but when it comes to Windows not many or almost no app are available. Wait a minute! Don’t throw away, we at Advices Academy found an app which can record incoming/outgoing calls for free. On your Windows Phone nothing can be as great as using Call Recorder app. In this article we will find on how you can use Call recorder practically during conversation(Record Calls on Windows Phone).

Call Recording on Windows Phone

As the name suggests Call Recorder is a Windows Phone app allowing users to record incoming and outgoing calls for free. So whether you require it for recording conference calls or personal calls for taping people, this little tool developed by Asleroid the Windows app developer is very much handy.

How to Record Calls

Users possessing Windows Phone with atleast WP 7.5 installed can record calls easily by following procedure –

  • While you are on the call and assuming that the app is installed, press the microphone icon to start recording.(According to various countries rules and laws you might be required to inform the other party before recording the calls).
  • It’s suggested that you turn ON the speakers for best quality and once the recording is started the microphone icon turns red with message displaying below it is ‘Call recording’.
  • Users can make use of the camera button to toggle Start or Stop of Recording and this setting can be found under the Settings of the app.
  • Once the call ends, recording automatically ends as well.
  • Once a call is recorded, it will be automatically uploaded to your Skydrive cloud storage account.
  • Once the call is recorded or if you are looking for playback of recorded calls, you can go through playback page.
  • Users can keep a star on the respective calls which they find as important and required.

Call Recorder for Windows Download

Call Recorder Windows app can be download via the Windows Phone App Store for free. The file is under 1 MB and it’s required to have Windows Phone 7.5 and higher on your device to install it. From your phone visit the Windows Phone App Store and search for Call Recorder.

Download Call Record app

Verdict: Call Recorder for Windows is a highly recommended app with good quality of recording and one word to define it is ‘outstanding’.

Advices Academy Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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