5 Best Android Apps to Organize Work & To-Do Things in Life

Check the top 5 Android apps to organize your work and to-do task easily in life.

In our busy urban life, organizing work creates a key role in achieving success. Organizing work and preparing a to-do list is perhaps the best way to plan your work effectively and completing them on time. To-Do list is required to be prepared in a way that it can be easily accessed and prepared in a much better way. Smartphones are quite common these days and can be seen easily at every pocket. There are number of android apps available at the Google Play Store which make the organizing work easy for its users. Mentioned below are some of the apps available to organize work and To-Do Things.Best Android AppsBest Android Apps

Wunderlist Android App

Wunderlist is the best app available to manage and share to-do things in the smartphone and tablet. The app is featured in all the leading dailies including The New York Times, The Verge, The Guardian, Lifehacker, etc. Business and personal activities can easily be synced using Wunderlist. Interesting point to note about Wunderlist is that it synchronizes across all the devices uniformly irrespective of them being a tablet, a PDA or a smartphone.

Once synchronized, the user is required to login to the respective account and access to do tasks from any device on the go. The app also allows the users to share the tasks with colleagues, friends and family. Wunderlist can easily be downloaded free of cost. However, the pro version is available at a nominal price of $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

Download Wunderlist for Android Phones

Any.Do App

Any.do is a free app which allows the users to remember their to-do tasks. Some of key features of this app include cloud support, speech recognition, gesture support, snooze tasks, taking notes, auto complete, etc. The easy to use and simple features of the app make it a favorite app for millions of android users around the globe. Features like speech recognition help the users to speak to the device rather than tirelessly typing the words. The app works simply by drag and drop and swipe off features of the android. Missed calls in the phone are turned as reminders. Files and to-do tasks can also be easily shared with friends and relatives. The app is supported in multiple languages.

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Astrid Tasks & To-Do List

This app from Alex Baker is a different version of Astrid than the one produced by Yahoo! or Todoroo. This version of Astrid can easily be synced with Google Tasks. The users can transfer basic task information, but the tasks can not be organized into lists. The users may loose attachments, comments or possibly any other metadata. Alex Baker’s Astrid can be installed with Todoroo’s Astrid; however, it is advisable to uninstall the app. This is a free app available in the Android market.

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Tasks n To Dos List is an Android App which can effortlessly manage tasks and sync that automatically with Google Tasks. Synchronizing the tasks with Google Tasks is relatively easy. By activating Google Task sync, users can not only sync the data in the cloud, it also synchronizes the data in the android tablets and smartphones. With the help of this app, the users can organize and effectively manage the tasks with minimal effort. Marking the due dates, notes and reminders can easily be managed with the help of this app. Free app gives limited access; while the pro version available at a cost gives full access.

Task List- To Do List is available in free and pro version. The free version provides limited access, while the pro version is ad free and sync more than one list. Users can assign the to-do lists and also assign icons to tasks and lists. Task list have some of the basic productive sync, widgets, task reminders, backup and restore search, speech to text, etc. Task list can also be synced in a customized manner as per the wish of the users. It is a simple and easy to use app.

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many other task lists available which is free of cost. The common features of the To-Do tasks like cloud synchronization, customization of tasks and sharing them online make these apps favorite of all.

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