5 Helpful Free Android Apps For Car Drivers

This article is written to present you with some of the coolest apps on the Google Play Store (Android Operating System). The drastic rise of Android in a market of tablets and smartphones that was pretty much under the rule of Apple, is nothing we are unfamiliar with. Though it is just a newbie in the market, app developers have worked to the maximum extent and brought Android to where it is today. The Droid now boasts of over a million applications, a majority of which are unpaid(free) apps.Best Car AppsBest Car Apps

There are apps on Android with widely different utilities and purposes. Read on to find out which are the best free Android apps for car drivers.


An excellent app for driving, the only catch here is that it is not completely ‘free’ in the full sense of the term. When you download and install the application, what you are actually doing is getting yourself a 30 day free trial. Once your trial period expires, you will now have to purchase the paid unlocker.

InDrive converts your Android device into a vehicle friendly gadget. It brings together all your important apps and gives you one touch access to them. There are many factors gauged and displayed by the app such as Odometer, Speedometer, Battery Level, Weather, Max Speed etc.

Download InDrive via Google Play!


This is an application that is truly marvelous but can consume a lot of your battery. When you are driving, it records video from the windshield of the car and with GPS integration, sets the location automatically. The video can then be shared or uploaded to whichever virtual location you would like.

The application records both physical video feeds and GPS track. It is a one shot wonder application when you go on drives to beautiful provinces. The application is completely free but you can pay to remove the advertisements that come with the free version.

Download VideoRoad via Google Play

Speed Detector EVO

This Android Application can be a life saver and has the potential to repeatedly save you from trouble time and time again. All you have to do is place your Android device in the dashboard or any other convenient location and start the application. The app will automatically connect with the GPS and start sending signals.

When this happens, you can start driving. The application detects speed with the help of GPS trackers and emits sounds when you cross the speed limit or drive in a vicinity with speed traps. Thus, you will potentially never get another speed ticket with the help of Speed Detector EVO.

Download Speed Detector EVO via Google Play.

Auto Bluetooth

We all live productive lifestyles where we cannot afford to waste a single moment unproductively. While driving, we receive calls that we are forced to take which ultimately puts our lives as well as others’ to risk. To prevent you from taking such risks as well as enabling you to use the transportation time for your benefit, Auto Bluetooth comes to the rescue.

This award winning Android Application turns your Bluetooth off and on when you receive a call and connects to any device of your choice. All this it does in much less time than manual activation. Once again, the all-powerful Android proves that it is bursting with surprises!

Download Auto Bluetooth from Google Play.

Find My Car – GPS Navigation

When we drive to unknown locations, and believe me its more often than you think, we tend to lose our way a lot. The frantic search for a car or a location is something no one likes to pursue. In order to have ease and efficiency while locating your car, you can make use of this free Android application.

Hook it up to your car and you will have a more than satisfactory system of locating your car or any other location with the help of GPS pointers and pseudo radars. Never lose your way again with Find My Car!

And there, you are now equipped with all the information you need about the coolest Android apps available out there, completely free of cost. So crank up your device, open the Play store and download the apps completely free of cost, you will find your driving optimized to a degree you never thought they could be. The best part is, most of these apps conserve the fickle battery life of your smartphone/tablet too!

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