How to Book LPG Gas Online Indane, BharatGas, HP on Phone

This guide explains how to book LPG Gas Online, works for Indane, Bharatgas & HP gas on Android Phone.

Gas booking in India has gone through a radical change. Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues in front of the gas agencies. The introduction of public telephones in India has managed to keep the crowd out of the queues in front of the gas agencies; however, there was very little accountability maintained for each cylinder issued by the LPG Gas onlinebook LPG Gas online

Book LPG Gas Online

With further advancement of technology, the gas subscribers were now able to book the refills and file the complaints through IVRS. But with the introduction of smartphones and android operating systems the subscribers can now access the account anytime using internet and book their refills.

Bharatgas Android App

To book a Bharat Gas cylinder, the user is required to download the android app from online or Google Play Store. Only Bharat Gas consumers are eligible to avail of this service. The consumers are required to register themselves by providing their username, password and other details. After successful registration and download of android app, the users can now book the refills or schedule a reminder online using their smartphones.

Apart from booking cylinders online, the subscriber can also avail other services provided by the company which includes rating the distributor and sharing the feedback. The app is available for free of cost.

Download Bharatgas via Google Play on your Android phone

Indane Android App

Just like Bharat Gas, Indane gas can also be booked online using the android app. To order a refill for Indane gas, the user is first required to download the app from the android market which is available in Google Play. Now by accessing the website online, the user may now register with a unique username and password along with other details.

The app provides a profile of the consumer when he logs in. Using this app, the user can not only order for a refill, but also avail other services like repairing the hotplates, surrendering the connection, DBC booking and contacting the distributor. With the help of the refill order history app, the user may keep a track of their order if it has crossed the maximum number which can be ordered or not.

Download Indane on your Android phone.

HP Gas Android App

HP, India’s leading petroleum brand is not behind when it comes to bringing technological innovations for its customers. With a base of over a million customers, HP Gas or Hindustan Petroleum Gas has also introduced online booking using their website, SMS or using android phones.


Like any other LPG booking system, the user is required to first signup with the existing customer ID, post which the android app for HP gas can be downloaded. Using this app, the user can book and LPG refill, check the history of refills, avail preferred delivery time and surrender their connection.

Download HP Gas app on your Android phone.

The android app for booking cylinder refills in India is slowly gaining its popularity. This helps the users to save their time and effort in booking gas cylinders. There are no extra charges involved in booking refills and the apps are easy to understand. The subscribers can easily track the status of their refills and also set calendar reminders so that they never miss their refills.

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