How to Block Calls, Messages, FaceTime Chat on iOS7

iOS 7 Call Blocking FeatureiOS 7 Call Blocking Feature

iOS7 Call Blocking stock features not only incoming calls but also blocks messages, Facetime video calls added by phone owners.

Apple has come up this year as they have announced new version of iOS mobile OS. Dubbed as iOS 7 there are lot many features introduced in order to compete with other existing OS like Windows 8, BBM and Android Jelly Bean.

iOS7 Call Blocking

The iOS7 OS comes with Call Blocking feature to not only block user-defined calls but go beyond it. iOS developers have included add-on features like blocking of Messages, Facetime calls as well on to Call Blocking on iOS 7 OS version.

As a feature request from Apple-philes fans, developers at Apple have included this feature. I think I wouldn’t need to explain this feature as everyone knows that Call Blocking is designed to block the incoming calls.

Using Call Blocking on iOS7 you can do the following –

  • Phone Call Blocking
  • SMS Blocking
  • FaceTime Call Blocking

So with this stock feature on iOS7 powered Apple iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices with the latest operating system version you will no longer need to look further for any third party app or go for Jail breaking your device for this purpose. So once you have added any contact or phone number to the Blocked option you will not receive any incoming calls, messages or FaceTime calls from. You can also remove contacts from the blocked list whenever you want.

iOS 7 beta version has been released and as reported by Apple fans its newly added features like Control Center, Notification Center and few more. We will cover more features included in iOS 7.

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