5 Best Sites to Download IPA File for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Herein check out the best 5 sites to download non-compatible iPhone, iPad & iPod apps in ipa file sources.

So, you are well acquainted with the theme and concept of .ipa files which is nothing but an archive file that functions to store an iPhone app. These files are usually compressed with binary and they can be installed only on iPad, iPod and iPhone. People are today getting inclined towards the use of cracked apps because they are afraid of making investment. Whatsoever is the cause for using cracked apps, we recommend users to purchase the app if you really love it!iphone appsiphone apps

We will see here about the best and most suitable options for the cracked .ipa files that can be installed on iPad, iPhone and iPod.


This website is one of the most reliable and authentic platform for downloading craked iOS applications for free which are fully compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It will provide interested users with a brilliant way to test all types of .ipa apps without buying these files from the store.

For people who do not fear of jail-breaking their precious handsets can really try it for the best and more detailed results.


People will find here some of the most amazing apps and installation procedures on the website which has taken the market of the cracked files to a new height.

You will see here finest tutorials about how to install cracked files on iPhone with an exceptional tone with multitudes of possible alternatives to download and install your favorite apps in free.


With an Asian origin, AppCake is nothing but a sub-directory in PhoneCake which is a fantastic app store for users like you. The store will provide you numerous kinds of cracked .ipa files but you will need to translate it into English language for understanding the steps and guidelines.

Of course, you can do so more easily with a number of translators such as Firefox ubiquity extension file which will be available as a tip for you. However, the users will have to register for an account on this website for accessing the facilities and download features offered by AppCake.


If you are interested in some sort of amazing and fully compatible iPod Touch or iPhone stuff in the form of cracked .ipa files, iDownloads will suit you at the best although it is a pure Russian website.

You will find comparatively easy navigation for the downloads section where the requests for the files will be saved in your account.


This one is a more detailed and comprehensive Russian website with plenty of features and options to download your favorite cracked .ipa files for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Of course, you will have to create your account to get solid information and apps for your smartphone.

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