Best Apps for Online Cloud Storage on Windows Phones & Tablets

With the advancement in computer technology, there was an urgent need to have access to personal data which is stored somewhere else. Internet would definitely be the medium for such on the move data access but how to arrange for the huge amount of space. Online Cloud Storage is the latest technology which is a model of virtual pool of storage space available online. Many websites/ apps  provide space to their customers where they can keep their personal data and can access it from anywhere around the globe using internet.Cloud Storage on Windows PhonesCloud Storage on Windows Phones

People can buy the space from these hosting companies. Physically the space may be distributed over many servers but since all the servers are networked together, it gives a feel of having free space available at one place. Following are a few applications for windows phones/tablets which provide online cloud storage:-

DropBox for Windows

It runs on Windows, Linux, Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS etc. DrobBox Inc. operates Dropbox which helps in file synchronization, cloud storage and client software. To use it, download dropbox app and create a folder in your phone/tablet. Anything that you put in that folder will be synchronized with Dropbox and can then be accessed through its website or app.

It works even when you are offline. Provide space upto 1 TB. You can Share files with friends and relatives. It is absolutely secure and safe.

BoxShot for Windows

It is a Dropbox client for windows operated phones/tablets and helps in managing the Dropbox account while on the go. It helps in manipulating the account by letting you delete, move, edit or view your files. Using this app, one can directly upload the photos to Dropbox account from the camera. The interface is interactive and easy to use.’ Live tile’ feature makes the browsing of folders easy.

It is available for a mere $0.99 along with a free version too. Try it yourself with the BoxShot free version!

Cloudy Box for WIndows Phone

It is also a Dropbox app for windows devices. Its interface is similar to what we see on Dropbox website and looking at icons one can get to know which file/folder is shared. Editing in Dropbox account is easier using this app and details of folders/files is properly given. Sharing and uploading is also simple with it. Some features that Cloudy Box lacks are- pinning of files, image slideshow, caching of files and triggers for update whenever there is a change in that file.

Also, one must be able to search/sort files on the basis of name or size etc.

SkyDrive for Windows

This Microsoft application is for windows and OS X. Skydrive is a file hosting service similar to Dropbox. It offers a free storage space of 7GB to the new users which is a good news! It is built on the latest HTML5 technology and hence Supports a lot of new features. Most exciting features are- it helps in integrating with Hotmail and lets you upload, download or share office documents; it can integrate with Bing which helps in keeping  the search history in a folder; Skydrive connects with social networking sites and helps in easy sharing of photos, videos etc. It has a recycle bin too.

HiDrive for Windows

It is an application which provides online cloud storage facility. An initial free space of 5GB is given and additional space can be bought at nominal rates. You can keep your images, documents, videos etc. in a folder on your smartphone which can be synchronized to HiDrive. This way all the contents of that folder can be accessed from any other device from anywhere using internet.

Online Cloud Storage Facility has provided a great relief to people,  specially those who keep moving/traveling.

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