Best Productivity Apps for Windows Phones

Increase your productivity to the best level on Windows Phone by using must have Windows Apps.

A majority of us gadget users know Windows either as the OS is responsible for revival of Nokia through the Lumia series or the OS that brought a twist in a market that pretty much looked like a battle raging between Android and iOS. Though both the afore mentioned operating systems had securely built a massive fan base, Windows has displayed the potential to if not topple, at least put up fierce competition against both giants.

As exhibited by the other two contenders, Windows too has an excellent app store with multiple apps for each utility. Here is a list of the best productivity apps for Windows phones –

Tasks for Windows Phones


Tasks is an application by Windows that allows you to link all the various snippets of information you have collected and generated on your phone across multiple platforms, thereby allowing you to keep track of each and every thing you needed to have your eyes on. The application forms a comprehensive system of interlinked notes and reminders with variations in color and appearance which enables you to set priorities and work accordingly. All in all, tasks helps you to work meticulously and arranges all your information just as you would like to view it!

Scan App for Windows Phone

Scan is an excellent application by Windows, the likes of which haven’t been boasted of in the past. The application is an internet-enabled scanning software that scans all sorts of codes including bar codes (Ean, UPC and ISBN codes) and gives you complete information about the product that the code was attached to. Thus, you can track all your purchases as well as double-check your products when you purchase them. Combine this with a simple calculator app and you can send a toddler to do the shopping for you. Such is the power of the ‘scan’ app.

Skype for Windows Phones

The globally famous application is now on Windows and it looks better than ever. The interface is fresh and user –friendly, you just cant help but fall in love with the beautiful cerulean blue that consists the background. Looks aside, the app runs without any lag provided you have a stable internet connection and provides for all the utilities you enjoy on your computer. If you have a front camera on your device, you can make free video calls too!

SkyDrive for Windows Phones

Who doesn’t love the idea of cloud storage? It is simply brilliant how the concept of database storage over a server was invented when most of the producers were busy manufacturing gadgets with more and more storage capacity with a correspondingly increasing price. SkyDrive brings you this amazing cloud storage in a user-friendly as well as sophisticated form. Using SkyDrive, you can exchange data between your clouds and phone as well as share your data through links. No more do you have to possess data in order to share it, do it all with the help of a simple link! This is as fast as it gets!

UC Browser for Windows Phone

Hardly any of us are unaware of the amount of time spent by the current generation on the net, completing tons of tasks through browsers. Be it beating the highest score in a latest trending game or updating your social network profiles, the internet and thereby browsers have become close allies of mankind. Windows brings you UC browser, a marvelous browser with feature such as HTML5 view as well as full screen view. It comes with a download manager that helps you regulate all your downloads. With the help of this third party browser, you can enjoy using the internet like never before!

And there, you have a list of the best productivity apps provided by popular operating system, Windows. Download any/all of these and integrate them in your daily life to have small epiphanies of how technology does benefit mankind. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, you will find that the Windows app store is filled with apps for so many utilities, you might as well gain a new perspective to every activity you perform. All the very best to discover the best there is out there!

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