Best Apps to Watch Live TV on Android Phones & Tablets

Check the best-rated apps to watch live TV channels, news on your Android phones and tablets.

Watch live TV : TV is no longer called a stupid box. Gone are the days when people used to watch TV at home. Today, with the advancement of technology, people may watch TV in portable devices including smart phones and tablets. Fast internet connection and with devices accepting various video formats, watching live TV on the go has become a reality. While some of these TV channels are available directly online, it is preferable to use apps which can help the users to watch TV.Watch Live TV OnlineWatch Live TV Online

There are multiple apps available to watch TV online in android devices like smartphones and tablets. Listed below are five such apps.

Watch Live TV Free App

Watch Live TV Free is perhaps one of the oldest apps available in the android market which is meant to watch TV live using Wi-Fi or data connection. With the help of this app, the users can watch some of the global channels in their mobile phone. To operate this app, the user requires fast internet connection and few codecs.

Navigation in this application is relatively easy. In the home screen, the user has the option to select either the national channels or world channels. Selection of channels for a particular country is also available. Several popular international channels are included in this app. The application has links to download codecs required to watch TV. One of the best things is that the app is available for free of cost and you can download Watch Live TV Free from Google Play.

Samsung WatchON

Samsung WatchON is the app which allows the users to watch TV on any device. There are many on demand movies and TV shows available which the users can watch videos from some of the on demand providers. The powerful search engine of the app provides accurate information along with the suggestions of the related videos.

WatchON also remembers the search history and provides recommendation accordingly. This app also provides the users with a unique multi-screen experience and it virtually makes the phone to work as a remote control taking control of all the TV channels.

Download Samsung WatchON on your Android device via Google Play.


ONLINE TV by HT Lab allows the users to watch more than 100 channels of United States, India, France, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, etc. The channels are available free of cost and in HD quality. The app is user-friendly and convenient to be used.

An interesting point to note about this application is that it does not have an independent content to stream videos. Instead, it depends on the web to stream video content for the users. This is one of the best apps which can be used by users globally using internet.

Download ONLINE TV by HT Lab for free.


nexGTv is a mobile TV primarily being made for the Indian market targeting Indian mobile users globally. Now do not miss your favorite TV shows when you are away from India. nexGTv mobile app brings to you all the favorite Hindi content of famous Indian channels.

The new update also has some of the Hollywood entertainment channels as well. The app covers all kinds of genres of Indian channels including few of the regional ones. It is available for download from Playstore for free of cost and allows you to view around 60 channels and a nominal amount will be charged for few premium channels.

Download nexGTv via Google Play for free on your Android device.

Mobile TV App

Mobile TV from AT&T Services allows the users to watch live and on demand TV anywhere, anytime on the go. With the help of this app, the users can watch all professional and college sports, entertainment channels, music channels and much more. The news channel also provides 24/7 breaking news using Bloomberg, Fox and ABC news.

The app brings to you some of the best channels available globally. Download of this app from the android market is available free of cost and first seven-day service is available for free. After this, a nominal amount of $9.99 is charged per month.

Download Mobile TV on your Android device.

Watching TV in mobiles and tablets were never so simple before the arrival of android operating system. While some of the app is available at a cost, there are apps which are available for free from the android market. With the availability of fast internet connection either by Wi-Fi and 3G data connection, mobile TVs have become little more sensible in the digital age. Very good for those who miss their favorite shows when not at home.

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