How to Add WhatsApp Icon to LockScreen on Android Phone

Welcome to WhatsApp tutorials, help guide. Check on how you can add WhatsApp icon on your customized lockscreen on Android phones.

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WhatsApp on Lockscreen

Many of Android phones comes with shortcut quick launch button directly on their lockscreen. Android powered devices with Android 4.0 and higher version includes the capabilities to customize lockscreen on user preferences. This option is not available for Android 3.0, Android 2.3 and Android 2.2 powered phones. But they shouldn’t be disappointed because many Android launchers apps are available supporting any Android version. On lockscreen most users add camera, browser icons for quick access and other commonly used features. You can customize your locksceen icons as well.

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Since WhatsApp is most preferred cross-communication chat platform, it’s better to add WhatsApp icon on lockscreen itself so that you can add access it quickly. The following is the simplest tricks that I have done it to add WhatsApp on my Samsung Galaxy S3 lockscreen –

  • Go to your phones home screen.
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Options > Shortcuts.
  • Tap on ChatOn Icon and then select WhatsApp from the listed apps.
  • Now WhatsApp icon will appear on lockscreen icon on your device, replacing ChatOn icon. This is how the icon looks on my Galaxy S3.

The above tutorial works for all Android phones. By adding WhatsApp icon to lockscreen, you are not only saving time but able to access it more quickly with few clicks. This is why Android makes like simple and easier. We will come out with more such tutorial for WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and other cross-platform applications.

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