5 Apps to Make Your Android Phone a Perfect Smart Device

Technology has advanced to a great extent. Days are gone when people used to have phones only for calls and texting. Today, the ordinary phones are taken over by smart devices which the users can operate with the help of just a touch. The introduction of smart phones and hundreds of android apps have made life much easier for the users. Be it organizing their work, or searching for local results, Android phones play a great role. Android apps also help the users to be in touch with the outside world anywhere, anytime. It also helps in keeping the users entertained either by way of games or playing music or videos. Here is a look at some of the important android apps.

Tiny Flashlight+LED

Tiny Flashlight is one of the best LED flashlight Android Apps. The app is designed in such a way that the users can make use of camera LED, flash or screen as torch. The app supports almost all the android devices and offers different widgets to the users.

Tiny Flashlight+LEDTiny Flashlight+LED

It offers the brightest flashlight and torch and emits very intense light in the dark. It is also the brightest camera flashlight. This app is available for free of cost and can be used daily, if required. It will be very helpful in case of emergencies.

Download Tiny Flashlight on your Android device.

Auto Call Recorder

Missed anything important which was discussed in today’s conference call? No need to worry, just download the new Auto Call Recorder and from next time, record all the calls in your phone. The user has the choice to either record all the calls or record the calls which are not found in contacts list.

However, one disadvantage is the inability to play a warning message to the calls being recorded. The recorded calls can be saved and played later. The app supports wav, ANR and 3GP formats and the recording can be done at any location.

Download Auto Call Recorder on your Android device via Google Play.

Google Translate

Google Translate – a must have app for any mobile phone users. There are hundreds of languages spoken across the globe and if you are traveling to an unknown location without learning the local language, then you will face challenges in communicating. This is solved by Google Translate.

Using this app, the users can translate any text, picture or speech from more than 70 languages. The users can listen to the translations spoken aloud. The translations can be done for voice, handwriting and using camera. Additionally, the users do not have to connect themselves to internet as the translations are available offline. The favorite translations can also be sync in many devices.

Download Google Translate via Google Play.

Easy Battery Saver

Most of the non branded android phones have one similarity – the battery dries down much earlier than anticipated and you may end up missing important calls due to battery drying down. However, with the installation of Easy Battery Saver, this problem can be solved to a great extend.

This power manager app is easy to use and designed to optimize the battery life of the phone. The app comes with four different saving modes: general saving mode, intelligent saving mode, super power saving mode and advanced customized mode. The power saver app works by controlling the screen timeout and its brightness.

Download Easy Battery Saver via Google Play.

Super Backup: SMS & Contacts

“Super Backup: SMS & Contacts” is one of the fastest backup tool available in an android phone. With the help of this backup app, you are never going to loose the data. The app creates the backup of your SMS messages and contacts into SD card or even in your Gmail account.

By downloading the Super Backup Pro, one can also get an ad free version. Along with the SMS and contacts, the users can also backup their call logs, bookmarks and calendars. The users can schedule automatic backups or can also schedule an auto upload of files in Gmail. It also shows the date/time stamp.

Download Super Backup on your Android device.

Android apps have become a necessity in today’s life. These apps are designed to make the life easier for the users. The apps like Google Translate and GPS Navigator becomes the most trusted friend for the users who visit new places quite often. Memory backups and power saver are the most advanced utility apps for the users. A decade ago, one could have hardly imagined that an app can prevent phones from drying down the power. Not only this, the smart phones have become a great companion for the users.

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