5 Apps to Record your Android Phone Screen (Video Recording)

Need to record your Android phone screen, check here the best rated apps to video record your Android phone screen.

Android Apps has changed our lifestyle like never before. For every new application, there is an app waiting for you. You name a function and you can easily find the app in the android market. Smartphones are considered to be the best companion of a person during the time when it is crucial required. Apart from games, the phone is used for surfing internet, browsing applications, conducting banking transactions, tracking people and many more activities. These android apps are easily available online. For some of them, the user is required to pay fees, others are available for free download. Mentioned below are few apps for video recording your Android screen.

Secret Video Recorder App

Secret Video Recorder is perhaps the only android app available where video recording can be done in the background while the user uses it for normal phone functions. It is definitely one of the best spy cam operations. Some of the striking features of this app are the one touch operating to start and stop the video, no camera shutter sound, video getting recorded when the screen is blank, etc.

Secret Video RecorderSecret Video Recorder

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The user can use the normal phone functions like dialing or receiving calls while the video gets recorded in the background. It supports both front and back cameras and the files are stored in SD card. The app is available at real low price. Free versions records videos for 30 seconds only.

You can download Secret Video Recorder on your Android Phone via Google Play.

Screencast Video Recorder App

Screencast Video Recorder is more famous for high quality video recording. Screencast usually captures phone screen available at high quality frames which can be used for high quality MPEG video along with sound effects. In this program, the user gets a gallery to view, delete, or play the videos which were recorded previously.

The app is reported to be not working in some of the Samsung Galaxy series phones. The refund policy of 24 hours will be useful to test the app in your phone.

You can download Screencast Video Recorder via Google Play.

Z-ScreenRecorder App

Z-ScreenRecorder is another interesting app available in the Android market. The app is simple to use and allows the users to record videos with one touch. This app needs Root Permission to run. It is very easy to use. To start recording, the user is just required to do start the app and press the record button.

To stop recording, just tap the app icon in the desktop. By visiting the gallery section, the users can play, share or delete the videos. The app records the videos from the screen of the phone and save the files in the SD card.

You can download Z-ScreenRecorder on your Android device via Google play.

FANFA screen recorder App

FANFA screen recorder is yet another kind of screen recorder developed by Guido Fanfani. It is comparatively one of the newest apps in the android market. This is a screen recorder which needs root. The app is good enough to record a video of the screen.

The operation of this app is easy. However, it does not work on some of the android phones and tablets. One point which is really bad about this app is that it does not work on all the devices especially in Galaxy Nexus.

Download FANFA screen recorder via Google Play on your Android phone.

ScreenREC screen recorder App

ScreenREC screen recorder allows the users to capture phone screen at high quality frames into an MP4 video along with audio. The unique feature of this app is that the user has to shake his phone to start and stop the HD video recording. The start and stop of recording can also be done by just one touch.

The users also get an option to choose if the audio is required to be recorded along with the video. There are varieties of sizes available for the users to select, which includes the original screen size. The users also have the ability to play, delete and share the recorded videos online.

You can download  ScreenREC screen recorder via Google play on your Android device.

The android apps for video recording can be used for fun or as a utility. Few of these apps can be used for secret video recording while others are used for recording the screen. There are free of cost apps available; however, the users usually do not get access to all the features as they are available in the paid apps. It is advisable that the users go through the reviews of these apps before downloading them. Trial version can also be downloaded to check the accuracy of the application.

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