The Most Advisable Way to Record Your Desktop Screen 2024

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Video contains way more information than words and gestures. When we fell to dilemma where words are not enough, it is always helpful to turn to a professional screen recording tool. A screen recorder is indispensable in troubleshooting PC problems, giving a tutorial, imparting online lessons, and solving ‘How to record zoom meeting without permission

To make the long story short, video is always efficient. And also, it is a good method to use screen recorder to store streaming videos, download them for offline watching.

This passage will show you the most straightforward way to record on a PC. Let’s take a look.

Free Desktop Screen Recorder That Creates Smooth Clips

The selection of screen recorder for PC is the only thing that matters. Given that the market has brewed uncountable screen recorders, which product’s performance varies from one to another. Very likely you will be caught in a malware attack. But with iTop Screen Recorder, everything is getting on the right track. No ads, no boundle sale, no extra charge. This recorder aims at giving the best experience for users.

Here are some details of this brilliant recording software.

iTop Screen Recorder Features Overview

  • Cusomize the region you want to capture

Regional recording or full screen recording are all acceptable in iTop Screen Recorder. What’s better about this tool is that it can automatically detect your games and identify it.

  • Add webcam to your screen

Unlike other unqualified screen recorders that offer you limited features, iTop Screen Recorder allows you to add webcam to your videos. Which is a good way to create tutorial, reaction videos, and remote meetings.

  • Free Recording software without limitations on video length

Ordinary screen recorders may restrict the time limit of each video, which is totally not iTop Screen Recorder’s manner. This recorder sets no limitations on the video length, let alone charge money on that.

  • Smooth screen recorder without FPS drop

To unburden the system, a lightweight screen recorder is necessary for a smooth recording. iTop Screen Recorder is backed up by Hardware acceleration. No choppy clips, no stuttering audio, everything is in absolute fluency.

What’s more impressive about this recorder is that you can easily make 4K videos using this best screen recorder for PC. With the premium 60 FPS, it is effortless to record any 3A games in the market. Besides, for advanced users, they are offered with a series of mainstream format to choose from,  MP4, FLV, AVI, etc.

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Capture Your Desktop?

Step 1: Navigate to and download iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Click on the downward arrow and choose how do you like your recorded area.

Step 3: Configure the settings for the best performance of your videos.

The suggestion is to tweak ‘FPS’ to 60, video quality to ‘Original’, and Resolution to ‘1080p or 4K’. In this way, your video will be promised the best quality.

Step 4: Stop recording and edit your footage.

This screen recorder allows you to add filters, BGM and adjust the length.


You can trust iTop Screen Recorder and entrust your recording tasks all to it. It will never be a letdown to you. Try recording your desktop and produce quality videos, uploading them to YouTube or Twitch to see how do others think of your content.

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