How to Easily Create and Show Business Content in Your Venue

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Those who operate business event venue know that it’s an industry based on providing the best service, advanced technologies, comfort and creating a flawless experience for everyone who attends. Conferences, seminars, executive retreats, product launches, team-building events or any other corporate events revolve around and come down to one essential thing – delivering information, at times with global reach. Seems hard and challenging, but, with professional digital signage software – completely doable. Scroll down to learn how to effectively create and translate business content onto the screens, capture the attention of your audience and ensure an optimal customer experience at your venue.

Count the Screens

Any business event is a multitude of different content simultaneously projected at the right time to the right place. Strategically placed displays (free-standing displays, video walls, interactive screens, tablets, etc.) are crucial for the overall success of any event. Event-based venues should be ready and able to play the following content at all times:

  1. Event live stream, event program, lecture annotations, speaker bios and credits, information about sponsors and evening program should be played with sound on the mounted screens inside the main hall, lobby, coffee break, and lunch areas. These are also the screens to display seating sections and important announcements.
  2. Display of time, local weather, if necessary, news headlines and important announcements are usually played on the mounted screens.
  3. Detailed venue map with interactive navigation, information about parking and restrooms should be displayed on the interactive touch-screens on free-standing easy to use displays.
  4. Businesses latest ads, brand awareness videos, corporate social media feed, company history facts, important dates and milestones, KPI dashboard, etc. can be displayed on the strategically placed free-standing screens or video-walls.
  5. Speaker presentation, event video LOOP, new product or service presentation should all be played on the stage screens or a video wall.
  6. Data collection, questioners and quizzes should be set up at the tablet-use zone.

Choose digital signage software

The ease with which you will be creating and showing business content in your venue fully depends on digital signage software you will be using. Make no mistake, it is one of those make it or break it kind of decisions. For example, the ability to play interactive and dynamic content should be at the top of your list. Flawlessly displaying content means that your software can easily handle all the main media formats, without struggling.

Your DS software should be able to handle a rather large network, not to mention, your software should be able to monitor your network: advanced digital signage software will give you detailed information on health and playback status of all your screens, and, on detecting problems, you’ll be able to make disappear ASAP. Then there is automated content delivery, it is an absolute must-have as manual setup requires a lot of time and labor. Pay extra attention to remote updating and security features to protect your network. Security is the main reason we use Kitcast TV digital signage software on Apple TV media players.

Last, but not least, the priorly mentioned data collection. The newest advanced DS networks are set up to deliver advanced customer data collection and analysis. Make sure that your DS software has an extensible API.

Create the content!

Now, the proses of creating the DS content will depend on what you need to display, though with the new advanced DS the whole process is highly intuitive and uncomplicated. For example, Kitcast provides us with the smart templates and tons of beautiful modern designs, easily changeable texts, and automatic repurpose of the uploaded content to the right size. You can choose your template to change content, meaning text, and design which allows you to add movement to the sign, background configuration or even use a custom image background. In any case, you will have a digital sign ready to be displayed within a matter of minutes.

Then there are the Apps. There are numerous apps to help you display the social media accounts for your clients, add newsfeeds, create dashboards, upload interactive questioners, play company videos etc.

Digital signage content ideas are truly endless. Just be mindful of the content, use only high-quality images and videos, preferably custom made, and get the information out in a timely and relevant manner to keep the audience interested.

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