CloudView Large Screen Micro Projector Launched at CES 2013

After evolution in smartphones, evolution in projectors has begun. We first saw Samsung Galaxy Projector smartphones last year as the first step towards advancement in to next gen projector technology. QP OptoElectronics, Valencia have come up with CloudView a large screen micro projector which is intended to act as an companion to your smartphone making you to enjoy large view of your smartphone display. Using CloudView you can set up portable workstation. CloudView will be the first ultra-short projection Pico-projector and for those who are visiting CES 2013 staring January 8, 2013 they would be able to get the demo of it at the company’s booth.CloudViewCloudView

CloudView Micro Projector

Designed to be a companion to smartphones, this can project images up to 10 times wider than the normal projector, thereby decreasing the area needed for projection. So using CloudView you can view 50 inches diagonal screen from just 4 feet. The brightness of the projected content from your smartphone is 50 lumens which is considered to be a very good brightness able to view in the normal environment or day light.

Projection Type DLP
Brightness 50 lumens
Efficiency 15 lm/w
Throw Ratio 0.5
Maximum Image Size > 100 inch
Resolution 854 x 480 pixels
Color Gamut 100 % of NTSC
Battery Life 3 hours
Dimensions 115.5 x 58.8 x 17 mm
Weight 230 grams

The projection efficiency is 15 lumen/w with DLP projection type. The maximum image size is greater than 100 inches with maximum resolution as 854 x 480 pixels. CloudView is with 3 hours of battery life and it weighs 230 grams. CloudView is compatible with all smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone/iPad, Galaxy Note II, notebooks, video players with HDMI/MHL output. The package includes AC Adapter, HDMI or MHL cable and user guide. Here is the video demo of the upcoming projector –

Due to the space limitations in offices, CloudView projector can finds its applications in MNC companies. CloudView with smartphone and LightPad a product by QP Optoelectronics provides complete workstations.

Be sure to visit QP OptoElectronics booth at CES 2013 and check more on what is expected at CES.

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