Artificial intelligence – The New Opportunities in Tech Industry


Thanks to artificial intelligence, computers have the ability to train independently. They take information about what exactly they need to study from their own experience, which allows them to adapt to new parameters, as well as perform those tasks and actions that previously only a person could perform. Artificial intelligence is constantly improving and it just needs to be trained, otherwise, there would be no latest gadgets, self-driving cars and other innovations. Due to the fact that scientists have developed a platform for AI training, robots can perform a wider range of tasks that differ from those originally programmed.

Theneurosphere’s SYPWAI project

The first of the laboratories to introduce a platform for training artificial intelligence was Theneurosphere. It introduced the world to a project called SYPWAI. A group of scientists had been developing it for several years, and its launch became possible thanks to the grant. Financial support paved the way for the launch of the project and its presentation to the public. Thanks to this development, Theneurosphere has become one of the world’s most famous scientific companies.

Every company that is somehow related to the development or improvement of artificial intelligence faces many problems. The stages that scientists have to go through start with a single idea and end with a high-quality implementation and presentation of the project to the whole world. To indicate these stages, scientists have even created a table of terms that indicate this or that stage of development:

  1. Start of development – Pre-Alpha;
  2. Testing inside the laboratory – Alpha;
  3. Testing using external resources – Beta;
  4. End of complex testing with the elimination of all errors – Release candidate;
  5. Release of the project for general use.

Thus, the SYPWAI project by Theneurosphere has already passed the third stage and completed the beta testing. Since this is only the third stage of testing, work is currently underway to eliminate the main errors that prevent the platform from working correctly. Despite the fact that Theneurosphere cannot guarantee the perfect work of the beta version at the moment, the project has several thousand users, and their number is growing every day.

Note, that SYPWAI is one of the most promising and fast-evolving projects. The developers are working continuously to improve every detail in the work of artificial intelligence. This success has led to the fact that more and more companies want to cooperate with Theneurosphere and make contracts for the right to use the SYPWAI platform. More and more investors are joining the startup, and thanks to them the project stands to win.

The ability to train artificial intelligence, which the SYPWAI project offers, provides the world with new opportunities. If earlier the companies were developing new AI products, we have a real opportunity to improve the existing ones. Automating the work and learning processes of AI will improve various technologies used by large companies and ordinary people.

The developers say that they do not want to make predictions and cannot say with certainty how quickly their project will develop. However, the beta test result speaks for itself. The work is being carried out actively and brings more and more success.

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