Which Apps are Best for Mobile Tracking

Best apps for mobile trackingBest apps for mobile tracking

There are innumerable applications for mobile phone tracking rightly available on play stores and other online sources. The abundance of these applications has made it challenging for a non-tech savvy person to pick up the best. After reviewing the top cell phone tracking apps, we have found the best and most efficient application for mobile phone tracking. TheOneSpy is one of the most well-known and reliable cell phone monitoring and spy apps. It is a cross-platform spy app compatible with both Android and iOS based mobile phones.

The spy app offers a wide range of features letting the end-user to monitor and control the targeted cell phone via an online portal of spyware. Once you get the targeted cell phone installed with TheOneSpy, you can monitor almost every single activity performed on that device. This article discusses the main features of the powerful cell phone tracking app.

TheOneSpy Best Mobile Tracking App

The cell phone spy apps have been playing a significant role in child and employee monitoring. Like many other spy apps, TheOneSpy is intended for parents and employers for legitimate monitoring of cell phones of kids and workers. It allows tracking both Android and iOS-based cell phones running latest versions of related operating system.

The spy app provides access to an online control panel from where the end-user can monitor data fetched from the targeted cell phone and send commands to that device to perform certain actions.

Main Features of Mobile Tracking App

The cell phone tracking app offers a wide range of features ranging from surround monitoring to social media monitoring. We have rounded up here the main features of the cell phone surveillance app.

Spy on Social Media & IM

The cell phone tracking app lets you spy on social and instant messengers. It allows spying on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Tumblr, Tinder, Viber, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Kik, Zalo, IMO, Yahoo messenger and many other social media and instant messaging apps. The conversations made via these apps can be tracked with Android spy software. Moreover, you can track the target’s social media posts, comments, friends and followers lists.

Monitor Surroundings

The monitoring app for cell phones lets you monitor activities performed in the vicinity of the monitored mobile phone device. You can operate cameras and microphone of the monitored cell phone device to view, record and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds. With a single command sent via an online control panel of the spyware app, you can turn on front and back cameras and microphone of the monitored cell phone and take photos, record videos, and voices.

Track Internet History

The spy app accesses the internet browsing history of the targeted cell phone. It lets you know which websites are frequently visited by your target and what information has been searched on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Track Keylogs

The cell phone surveillance app records all keystrokes applied to the monitored device keyboard. It includes keylogs of usernames, passwords, and email addresses.

Spy on Emails

The cell phone tracking app lets you track Gmail and email accounts of your target. You can read incoming and outgoing emails sent via monitored cell phone.

Call Recording

The Android surveillance app automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls of your target. You can listen to the recorded calls by logging into the online control panel. Also, you can see contact numbers from which phone calls have been received or made.

Track Messages

You can check out messages sent and received by your children and workers via monitored cell phone. It includes all incoming and outgoing text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages.

On-Demand Screenshots

The Android surveillance app lets you monitor all online and offline activities performed on the monitored cell phone in real or scheduled time period.

You can send a command to the targeted device to take multiple screenshots of the device screen to let you know what the target is doing on the cell phone in a given time.

Track Contacts

The spy app lets you monitor and manage the contact list saved on the monitored cell phone. You can add new contacts and delete unwanted contacts right from the online control panel of the spy app.

That is not all. There is a wide list of features and functionalities the spyware app offers. You can know about them visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy.

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