ICC World Test Championship for Cricket

Cricketers Playing Test MatchCricketers Playing Test Match

With the arrival of Twenty 20 Cricket, it has diminished interested among crowd and Cricketers. ICC doesn’t want that to happen and so, they will be replacing the current 50 overs Championship Trophy [also called as Mini ODI World Cup] with Test Cricket Championship. But since years, ICC is pushing the inaugural World Test Championship to coming years and current plans are to play it only in 2021.

Cricket World Test Championship

The World Test Championship will be among the major tournaments conducted, similar to existing ever-popular ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy, trending World Twenty20 Cup and Intercontinental Cup.

In 2013, ICC planned to stage World Test Championship in England in June-July 2017 but it has been replaced by Championship Trophy for the very last time. So, now the focus has been shifted to 2021 wherein India was chosen as the venue for matches.

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The idea of test championship is not new as its in talk since 2010. First it was planned to replace ICC Championship Trophy in 2013, England but it was abandoned due to financial issues.

So, a likely debut of Test Championship might be possible because of venue selection as India. There are several reasons why India can make Test Championship successful. It has decent base for Cricket lovers, ideal timing in the day to watch the match all around and can also bring in sponsors.

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